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Nova Earth Master Class March-June 2013

I, as channel for these Nova Earth Master Classes, would like to say how grateful I am to my Teachers for coming forth to arrange a class such as this. We truly had the opportunity to touch in deeply to 5D reality and learn how to manifest the New Earth in just eight class gatherings. I am grateful too to all the people who jumpt right in to doing these classes even though none of us had a clue as to what Master would teach. What a joy. I too enjoyed every class, although as channel I was limited in what I could contribute. I found that as Master reviewed everyone’s soul-work (homework) there were depth in people that I as earth-based would have never gleaned, even with all my degrees in psychology. To see and feel the Love and Wisdom pouring forth from Master Serapis for each and every one was truly humbling and very beautiful. Then the classes themselves, although long for a channel to do, were uplifting, loving and always interactive. I am looking forward to doing this again in the Fall under the guidance of the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Thank you Master Serapis, for your love, your understanding and your clarity, for you reached the hearts of all of us. God Bless you, dear teacher.—AA, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The classes have been so amazing, and it has helped me a lot in understanding things in a certain way. So it has helped me quite a bit, and I truly appreciate the class and really appreciate everyone coming in and giving their answers in their own way. Individuals have helped me who are in the class, even they have helped me. In these last eight classes I have seen and felt everyone grow basically, and everyone grew on their own time, on their own level, and it’s really beautiful to see that. I just want to say that I’m truly happy for all of you and myself.-- S/AM Florida

What it did for me is it brought me full circle. I had taken other classes, and I had learned many things back then, but it wasn’t quite clear enough for me. But it anchored that knowledge that I needed. I had learned about the five higher bodies, but it was at a point where I wasn’t really ready to pay attention until, as it brought it back to me, then it was like oh, this is what I learned back then, or this is where I came across that. And it was just so awesome to learn from other people. It was just so awesome to be a whole body, a whole community of light. Even though I haven’t met many of you, I already know you. And so I just want to thank everybody.-- PR, Santa FE New Mexico

I think one of the most beautiful things about the whole realization of this class and meeting all these people is the oneness that we all share with the love of God. And I think as we go forward and we go out into the world, other people will see that, the light within us and they will be attracted to that light and we will really be able to bring them up to their divinity and understanding within themselves that they too are beautiful beings of light.-- AB, Simi Valley California

I found the class to be very enlightening. The greatest thing I’ve gotten from the class is more courage to teach and to share the light that I have received or that I am and to have more courage in my teaching.-- MM, the Bahamas

When I first started, I thought Oh God, these people know more than I do, and I’ll never know what these people know. But I feel like I have transcended to such a higher level and it just feels so good. Now I think I know a lot more. I don’t know what they learned, but I’m sure they learned a heck of a lot. They’re my brothers and sisters in love.-- DC, San Antonio Texas

What’s really stood out for me is that we’ve all expressed our wisdom and our love, or the love that comes to us from the Source, each of us in our own way, and all of these ways are true. It’s not like we have to compare ourselves to one another. There isn’t such a thing. We have the knowledge that we need within us, each one of us.-- MD, Eugene Oregon

For me, I have noticed the most amount of change in myself over the last month. Definitely there has been a shift that has been for me very powerful and worth everything. On an energetic level and on a personal who I am level, that for me has been worth all of it. It’s been really profound for me.-- LE, Sebastopol, California

This class has been amazing for me, and the input of all the other students has really helped me because it gives so many different ways of coming at the same thing that it really broadens my ability to understand what’s happening. I really have appreciated everything from you, (Master Serapis Bey), and AliceAnn and all the students.-- JC, Gulf Islands, BC, Canada

Considering I really didn’t want to take the course, I really do see the benefits of it in that it is the wisdom that has come forward into my consciousness and anchored there, because a lot of the knowing I had, but this just clarifies it, strengthens it and anchors it into my being. So this will never leave now. I won’t forget anything from this point. I really did appreciate everybody else’s input too, because it’s really great to see and to hear the different ways we come at it. We’re all going to the same place. We all know that, but everybody has their own unique method and their own path, and that’s just another affirmation that we are all an integral piece. We all have an important part to play. So that really brings that home too, of understanding that everybody’s gift is truly different, and that is why all our understandings are different and why we all have a different knowing with it, and it’s absolutely marvelous. Thank you.-- KD, Calgary Canada

I wish to say how grateful I am for this class, for the deepening of my understanding about a whole host of things which have become much clearer. Language which I was unfamiliar with to some extent that I have now taken into my lexicon and a great dynamic of energy that I share with a wonderful group of people with our own unique perspectives, coming at this very same topic from a variety of perspectives in a most peculiar and beneficial way. I am very grateful. I look forward to the next whatever that we can share and deepen and expand and grow and become more of a contributor to the advancing ascension of planet earth.-- JL, the Bahamas

I would like to first thank everyone in the class for all the wonderful energy. It was as if I was standing at a precipice and was able to slowly make my way through with deeper understanding. What it felt like everyone’s energy was in different colors, so it felt like a kaleidoscope of color.-- KD, Sacramento California

This has been the biggest blessing to me. It’s opened my eyes to so many different things. It’s like when I first went to the intensive. It’s just what I have waited for all my life, and it just keeps unfolding and unfolding and unfolding, and the joy and the pleasure and getting to know the other people and seeing their perspective on things and learning from them. We learn from each other, and it’s just been such a beautiful thing. It’s been the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had. Thank you so much.-- AL, Thousand Oaks California

What I want to point out is for teachers on the earth, it’s always said that they have to hold the students and see them in the highest versions of themselves, and I just wanted to say thanks to you (Master Serapis Bey) for helping us to see what you already see. I’d like to thank the class for just being there and rising to the occasion, because I know I was stretched and I believe many of us, just reading the words that came from everybody’s hearts. Everybody seemed to grow and evolve, and as you grow, we all grow. So I’d like to thank you for that mutual upliftment.-- YR, the Bahamas


Santa Fe Intensive 2012. When I showed up for my 5 day intensive with the Ascended Masters and Reverend AliceAnn, I didn’t know what to expect.  Reverend AliceAnn is a clear channel whose passion for being of service to humanity is unparalleled. She is fully committed to being of service to the person experiencing the intensive and she does it with great love, enthusiasm and care. The best words to describe the intensive are “an adventure”.  With each step, I never saw what was around the corner and each step built on the other, helping me to go deeper and deeper, breaking through barriers that dared to attempt to trap me in 3D reality.  With each breakthrough, I experienced myself in new ways by learning more and more about who I truly am.  It was definitely not an easy process but it was one of the best experiences of my life. The best advice I can offer is to listen to your higher self and he/she will prepare you for each day so you can get the most out of your interactions with the Ascended Masters.  From what I understand, no two intensives are alike because our higher selves provide us with exactly what we need. In closing I would like to profoundly thank the Ascended Masters who guided me through the experience.  Masters Serapis Bey, Hilarion and Kuthumi were my guides but so many other Masters and Divine beings communicated with me for different reasons. Each experience was such a gift!  The Masters demonstrate great love for their students.  They understand our human condition having lived on earth so they are patient, funny and firm when needed.  No matter what they say it is always from a place of love.  It is an honour and a privilege to be guided and assisted by the Ascended Masters who serve as guides to ascension. What is most amazing about the intensive is that the effects of the experience do not end at the completion of the final day.  I am witnessing continual evolution within myself, connecting with more and more Divine beings of light, becoming more of who I truly am.—Y.R.B. / Ft. Lauderdale, FL

5-Day-Intensive 2012. I am deeply, most humbly grateful to AliceAnn for her splendid and gracious hosting  of my Intensive with the Ascended Master, Serapis Bey. I am supremely grateful to Master Bey and the cohort of Ascended Masters, Archangels and Saints who facilitated this awesome, awesome experience for me. Especially Master Serapis Bey. This has been one of the two most profound, intense, beneficial and transformative experiences of my 61 years on this earth. I have learnt so much in terms of information, but also in terms of myself and the Spirit world as revealed by the Masters and Saints. Awesome and Amazing are two simple words, but they can hardly convey the full essence and value of the experience I have just undergone. Through this Intensive, I can now acknowledge with confidence and sovereignty, that I stand in my Power as the God in flesh. I operate in this Universe as God. I reveal the Godhead to the World as Me. Through the gracious contact with Truth, I know that this Reality is as real as wet is to water. It has been a long time that this has taken root in my substance as Me, from the days when I first was introduced to Siddha Yoga in 1982. I owe more than a debt of gratitude to the incredible enhancement that Master Bey has served in my sadhana." Amen!—J.L.L. / Nassau, The Bahamas

Student of the Ascended Masters. All my life I have searched for a  greater  meaning, a stronger connection with God. I traveled many paths on my search. I was lead by Spirit to come out west, moving  from the east coast in the 90’s and I knew once I settled everything would be fine. My search continued; it seemed I never found exactly what I was looking for but never stopped seeking, knowing I would eventually find what it was. Finally, I was lead to a class called “Conversations in Light” where I connected with the Ascended Masters. I immediately found out what an intensive was and created that opportunity for myself. That is what I had been searching for! And, it opened me to who I AM in that intensive with Rev. AliceAnn, as she channeled Master Serapis, Master Hilarion & Sanat Kumara. My life has never been the same. That is what I had searched and longed for. Before that I thought I was happy and joyful every day of my life but never really knew what that meant. I have been taking weekly classes with Master Serapis Bey ever since, and now have  that love that guidance that connection I was longing for. It was right within me all the time and I had sought for it outside of myself, yet I knew from childhood the Kingdom of God was Within.  Through the guidance from the Ascended masters and my Higher Self, and my own intension  and desire I have now become a Minister of Light. Through my long-standing work with seniors, I have chosen to assist  the Senior Community to discover their Higher Light, their own God-Self within. Of course, my search and longing will never be over until I am back home and one with Mother-Father God, but I now recognize that life is truly wonderful, knowing I am where I belong, doing what I am  called to do in service to humanity in complete surrender to Mother-Father God.—A.L. /thousand Oaks, CA

Master Class on Ascension and Private Readings: In the spring of 2010, I participated in AliceAnn's 10 week class on Ascension and working with the Ascended Masters. The class was very well organized and covered many topics, yet remained intimate and personal. Through AliceAnn's channeling, we were taught and guided by Master Serapis Bey and Master Hilarion (and often other Ascended Teachers) who came to give a discourse or advanced meditation to us on different aspects of ascension, and we also had the wonderful experience of having an open group discussion with whichever Master was present for that class. During our meditations the Masters overlighted the whole group as they guided us into a greater understanding of our Higher Self and our own unique abilities, often times with various of our own personal guides standing by us as we meditated. Our group meditations were very deep, peaceful and fulfilling. We were also given the opportunity for private readings with these ascended masters which were helpful and challenging at the same time. I especially found Master Serapis Bay to be an encouraging voice for me in a time of distress, a wise guide while undergoing "significant ascension symptoms", and a visionary in helping me to understand a vision I had received regarding my connection to music from the higher realms. As a result of this class, I was able to move into a higher level of consciousness, develop a more advanced meditation practice and gain clarity on my life's purpose and call to world service. AliceAnn is a sincere seeker of God and God's truth, a devoted and compassionate friend, an energetic and highly educated teacher, and a skilled and respectful channel. I am happy to recommend her! She is a highly gifted and generous individual with so much to offer the world. — Mi D. / Palo Alto , California

Integrative Spiritual Life Coaching: AliceAnn, The whole world needs what you do! -- I have taken professional technical classes most of my career. School, college and other classes all prepared me to do stuff, not to live. Never was there ever a hint of how to live my life, who I am or what I should be doing as a being. The journey of self exploration has no signposts, maps or directions. You are on your own, without an instruction book to guide you. Having an insightful (Spiritual) life coach like Dr Saunders has provided breakthroughs in my personal journey. Dr Saunders skill as a whole life counselor has helped me to develop, use my own insight and internal compass to guide and assist me on my life's journey. Without her help and support, I would most likely still be standing at one of many cross roads, staring at my feet. -- A coach/counselor like AliceAnn is not the one running the race but, is the one who opens up the door to the possibilities that make it possible for the runner to start and finish his or her race. We, each of us, need a coach like her in our own life race. – And certainly, Dr AliceAnn is the best I have found. Once I made the choice to get off the fence and get on the track, I was well on my way; once on the track, Dr Saunders helped me start putting one foot in front of the other until I was running; running in a way that made it seem like I didn't even have legs before. — M.B. / Oak Crest, California

Voice Channeling: In the fall of 2010, I was privileged to work with Master Serapis Bey, Master Hilarion and Master Sananda as channeled through Rev. AliceAnn. This two-week retreat was a stimulating and highly beneficial experience, incorporating daily meditation, yoga, world service and personalized discourses by the masters on such aspects of higher consciousness as opening the seven primary chakras, toning, raising the kundalini and living the ascended life. In addition, we worked on clearing some of the blocks of fear and unforgiveness which were preventing me from moving forward on the initiatory path. It is a remarkable experience to work with the ascended masters. They are both forthright and loving, and in their presence, there is nothing but clarity, compassion and truth. I highly recommend Rev. AliceAnn as a clear voice channel for the beings of light from above. It is quite evident in her speech and manner that she is able to step aside and allow them to work through her without interference from the personality or negative ego. Anyone who desires to work with her and with wise and loving master teachers will find her a caring and supportive guide.— Ma D. / Eugene, Oregon

Long-Term Spiritual Guidance: Dr. Saunders is very in tune. There were many times that I stepped into her presence with an idea or an issue on my mind to find AliceAnn discussing it before I even opened my mouth. AliceAnn has a talent for finding the words to describe what would be considered ineffable to many, particularly experiences one has with spirit, or God, or however one wants to term the higher powers or other dimensions and realities that are at work inside and outside oneself. AliceAnn is open to interpretations. She has an expansive mind and listens with nonjudgement, so that one can be as open as one needs to be in order to process one's existence. She provides many tools to facilitate inner, in depth exploration that catalyze revelations about who one is from a soul perspective. To summarize, being with AliceAnn enhances audible articulations and tangible sensations of the God within and the God without. I always left her presence feeling my spiritual self amplified, my purpose clear, and reality shimmering and sparkling with a brighter light. – A.R. / Palo Alto, California

Women’s Counseling: I had tried transpersonal therapy in the past but AliceAnn's collaborative spiritual coaching has brought a whole different dimension to my path. It's a process that has gone very deep and has brought up so much for me, tapping into so many buried grooves! In her unique style she can articulate the tough questions & challenges while being supportive and very sensitive to my situation. She has shared with me very practical tools that I can easily turn to and apply to find my own answers within and this is very empowering! Her deep attunement with spirit and energy is a blessing and I find her insights so enlightening. I am really impressed with her commitment and the energy AliceAnn puts into supporting me; revise and resolve my issues. Our time together is a wonderful and healing experience and I highly recommend AliceAnn to anybody who is looking to expand consciousness at these confusing times. THANK YOU ALICEANN! Love to you. — C.C. / CHESHIRE, England (UK)

Change of Life Counseling: I’ve known Dr. Lyn AliceAnn Saunders for over 10 years, and in that time have come to value and trust her judgment as well as her counsel. We began as friends, and continue friends to this day; however, she has also been a valued counselor over the years, bringing the many aspects of her learning and interests to bear in each situation. There is such depth and honesty in the attention she gives to the needs of those she counsels. Her life has prepared her for a multitude of counseling methods, so that she brings an eclectic combination of talents and insights to her sessions. Over the years, we have delved into Buddhism, Celtic Spirituality, Christianity, various psychological methods, and combinations of all of these. She has opened my eyes and heart to changes in myself and the world around me, and has given me tools that strengthen me. - E.K. / Lebanon, Oregon

Life Transitions Counseling: AliceAnn. You have truly helped my sister where no one else really heard her. She is so much better now and happy. I haven’t seen her so happy in a long time. - S.G. / San Jose, California

Grief Counseling: My experience with Rev. AliceAnn was of immense help during a difficult period when my husband was dying in Hospice. She instilled trust by actively listening with compassion and sensitivity, and then, when I was ready, helped me form new ideas about the death and dying process. Later, she gently suggested alternative behaviors to help me reshape my worried and stuck attitudes regarding what was happening to my husband and me during this intense and all-consuming time. In proactive ways, she suggested appropriate reading and study, and even accompanied me to my husband's bedside where she gave me and imparted special understanding that lent me strength, inner healing and peace. Rev. AliceAnn is a gifted, compassionate professional, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is experiencing the death of a loved one and the tremendous emotionalism of that most difficult of times. — G.J. / Los Altos, California

Guided Meditation-Ritual: For decades, I had been haunted by images of my father's negative attitude toward me. From childhood, I was told that I would never amount to anything. AliceAnn not only helped me cope with those images, she showed me how to turn them around, to release the negative emotions, and to make them positive. A ritual focused on a ring I inherited from my father was especially powerful, profound, and helpful. I now wear the ring daily: It is a reminder not only of how far I have come a distance that AliceAnn helped me to realize but how I can continue to progress. The ring also has become a symbol of friendship, love, and my innate ability to protect and to assist others. Without AliceAnn's guidance, I never would have discovered that ability and I certainly would not have had the confidence to use it for the benefit of others. AliceAnn is an amazingly talented therapist: She switches seamlessly and appropriately between toughness and gentleness, guiding her clients toward a healthy, stable, enjoyable mentality. I cannot think of praise adequate to describe how AliceAnn has helped me. She helped me unlock shackles I did not know existed and then encouraged me to take the first faltering steps towards sanity. It is a journey I know will move only forward. RMR / Lebanon, Indiana.

Past-Life Regression & Integrative Coaching: AliceAnn, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks and admiration to you. The work you have done with me has helped me achieve a deep understanding of the purpose of my life, and already helped me to achieve a level of integration that is helpful and positive in my life. I look forward to our continued work together, and to our continued friendship. – JPR / Mountain View, California

Pastoral Counseling: Life is interesting, hard, and often brings us many trials and tribulations. We encounter many difficult and challenging people, and we wonder how they play their part in our lives. I myself had a mother who was very unyielding, who many times made life difficult for me and for those around her. I also had a father who contributed to this already trying scenario. When I was young and they were still together, they both fought a lot, and it made me a bit insecure. Even then, I found myself turning to friends for help, just to get through this life, and if it was not for friends and the faith that I had in God, I would have committed suicide a long time ago. But it was my friends, which I am happy to say AliceAnn was among them, and my love for them and theirs for me that brought me through that terrible time when I was trying to "find myself". We all influence each other all the time, but it is always a shock when we realize that the difficult people also influence us so strongly, and we often times don't really even realize the negative impact that results from such contact. It is hard to see the good in life when you are faced with so much darkness and survival. As I matured, I continued to have a need to heal spiritually, and I turned once again to Rev. AliceAnn. She too was maturing on her own life’s journey, even though she had a different path than I was on; yet, we often talked and had several pastoral counseling sessions. It was comforting to have AliceAnn talk about the Angels and the light and to become in tune with God’s light. To FEEL God's presence and to become ONE with God is a GIFT that AliceAnn has. Her voice and wisdom has soothing properties, and she is able to guide you into feeling the worth of God and life. I appreciate her skill in helping me to realize that I do have strength within me, that God is ever with me, and that the Angels can protect and help me, and that God's love can be right there with me when I am feeling life has been against me. There are many "brick walls, and stopping places" in life, but Rev. AliceAnn has helped me to see that these don't have to be barriers or dark places, and that there is a way to get around them, or go over them, and not be ‘stuck’ in the road. She has helped me so many times to just simply go on, to do my best in life, to acknowledge my gifts and to see the positive side of life, for you never know just who God will bring into your life, or how God uses each of us to bring others to the peace that God wants for us all. I thank AliceAnn for her many years of guidance, spiritual counseling and comfort. Most recently, her guidance counseled me in my response to my aging mother, and encouraged our last days together to be joyful and loving. She told me that healing comes by God's presence and all things will come round right through Him in time. AliceAnn helped me through this difficult time and I thank her. — J.S. / Foster, Oregon

Integrative Life Coaching via Phone: Just a few months ago, "coaching" to me denoted an athletics teacher/manager or, at least someone who has to do with competition. Then I found out about Dr. Lyn AliceAnn Saunders and others like her, who offer telephone counseling as an aid to mind/body/spiritual guidance, growth and renewal. In my case, I felt that things were just a little askew, offtrack in my daily life, and I sought from my coach/counselor, Dr. Saunders, some guidance in "righting the ship". With, often, extremely simple, small suggested changes in viewpoint, she was able to free me from "traps" that I had fallen into, sometimes, unknowingly. She made suggestions, and then I looked at them and, in many instances, carried them out, to the point that, after a couple of months, I felt the derailment stop. I found that things began to flow smoothly again and became certain that I was now moving in the "right" direction -- upward and onward. Life Coaching, for me, worked extremely well, mainly because it is a full partnership, based on equality of purpose and effort between counselor and client. It is NOT a teacher/pupil relationship, nor a doctor/patient set-up. It is a positive look at self, and a very hopeful attitude about one's future. I am deeply grateful that Dr. AliceAnn has used her intuitive powers and deep commitment to the betterment of the human condition to offer this wonderful way of reconnecting with the balance of all things.- S.W. / Los Angeles, California