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Oak Rose Services include:

Spiritual Guidance

Ascension Sessions

Readings with the Ascended Masters

Past Life Therapy

Master Classes

DNA and Merkabah Activation

MAT Program

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Oak Rose Services

There are three levels of services available at Oak Rose Academy

1 - for those just opening to their spiritual awakenment,

For those just beginning their spiritual journey: I offer a variety of options: Integral Life Coaching, hypnosis and Past-Life Therapy as well as one-on-one spiritual guidance focused on individual Spiritual Development, introductory classes in Mysticism, and Ray Card Readings for assessing your past, present, future Divine focus.

To learn more about or to make an appointment for a spiritual Guidance session or Life-Coaching or Hypnosis or Past-life regression, or to sign up for a Class wait list.

2 - for those who wish to further their spiritual development and,

For those who are Seeking a deeper exploration into the Light, and who are learning to work with soul and Monadic awareness (Divine consciousness) and desire to enter the path of Liberation/enlightenment: I offer Ascension Guidance sessions, Master Classes in Esoteric Mysticism, ascension Keys or Higher Consciousness training, including advanced meditation techniques (eastern or western), thoughtful writings on Ascension and Higher Consciousness (Homilies of Light), MP3 downloads (Ascension techniques, invocations and Ascended Master Teachings), as well as private Readings with the Ascended Masters.

To make an appointment for an Ascension session or reading, or to sign up for a Class waiting list please email me at Rev.AliceAnn @ OakRose dot net.

3 - for those seekers of Light who are looking to advance into the Highest planes of Conscious awareness through the esoteric teachings of the Mystery Schools of Atlantis and Ancient Egypt.

Although many of the experiential Teachings of Light presented here are not at an introductory level, yet if you are drawn to them, it may be that you are Remembering and Reclaiming your Sacred heritage through the awakening of your dormant DNA. Through readings, guided meditations, spiritual development sessions and the initiations of the Melchizedek priesthood training, you can experience a tremendous change in your outlook, your spiritual and daily life as well as in the part you play in the Divine plan.