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Community of Light Members:

The Reverend Ann Battaglia
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Alice Lee, Minister of Light
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Y. Renee Bethel, Organizations of Light via Minister of Light
Nassau, the Bahamas

Doris Carrasco, A Scribe to Mother Mary

Matthew J. Watson, Spiritual Teacher, Guide, Healer, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sophia / Willow Murphy, Messages On High
Santa Fe, New Mexico


Respect for all life and a Commitment
to your Highest potential is all that is asked of members.


To inquire about membership and to serve in the Academy's Community of Light, please contact Rev.AliceAnn@OakRose.net with Community of Light Membership in the subject line. Thank you.

OakRose Academy of Light is now offering support to Ministers of Light and associated Lightworkers who hold to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and Realms of Light. The purpose of this page is to present a format of regional and global Teachers of the Light who can assist others locally and independently of the Academy's central teachings. Each Minister of Light has a specific area of expertise and calling that will assist the World in building Nova Earth.

Message from Rev. AliceAnn:
This year the Masters have asked me to extend my website to those who Serve God and wish to assist humanity in their upliftment. The Masters are pleased to see that the world has come so far in manifesting the Light, but also realize that there is much more work that needs to be done before we, as a world-wide Community of Light, can realize Nova Earth. Thus this platform has now been initiated as it was set down from the original bylaws of the Academy. I wish to extend a personal welcome and blessing to all those who have decided to join in this venture. God Bless, and may you prosper under Heaven!--AliceAnn

Requirements are:

  • To Serve God with your whole heart and Mind
  • To Bring Light into whatever venue you have chosen to Serve
  • To offer no conflicting energies into the Community of Light or within your own Service
  • To desire the betterment of all Humanity and the Upliftment of Mother Earth
  • To assist others in building Nova Earth and 5D Energies of Light
  • To Honor and Respect all Life
  • Acceptance from the Ascended Masters and the President of Oak Rose Academy of Light Board of Directors, Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek.

Levels of Membership:

  • Gold Membership $144 annually. To Serve at this level, one has a close commitment to the Ascended Teachers and transmits the Teaching of the Law of the One accordingly
  • Platinum Membership $111 annually. At this level of Service one has a commitment to Serve the Community of Light world-wide in a specific venue, but does not necessarily transmit the Direct Teaching of the Masters
  • Silver Membership $77 annually. At this level of Service one has a product or special service to offer to others that fosters Light and assists in people's spiritual growth.












Rev. AliceAnn
Rev. Hilary
OakRose Academy of Light

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News and Events

Evening with the Ascended Masters
OakRose Academy of Light 78th Evening with the Ascended Masters & World-wide Teleconference March 18, 2018 7 to 9 PM MST

Spring Equinox 2018 Meditation
Times & Ceremony: One hour online Equinox Meditations with the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy from March 19th through March 23rd, 8 AM/PM save for in-house Equinox Ceremony of Life 6-7 PM MST 3/20/18, potluck follows.

To attend in person call for directions to the Academy's office 505.490.8855. To attend via teleconference call: 1.605.475.6711 Access code: 7325118# Please be five to ten minutes early.


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