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This site is dedicated to all seekers of the Light
who hold a focus of Service in Love.
The purpose of OakRose Academy of Light is to present, develop, and teach a universal understanding of humankind’s innate, natural and inherent higher consciousness, the I-AM Divinity within each person. The OakRose Academy promotes an expanded awareness and knowledge of metaphysics and the Law of the One as it has been given unto the Earth by Heaven; and supports the upliftment of the planetary consciousness, as the Academy teaches and fosters an individual’s enlightenment, education and opportunity for spiritual development.

When we understand that all life is grounded in unconditional love and that life is service from beginning to end, we begin to find the patterns in life that bring joy, harmony and peace into our lives and into the lives of those around us.

  • As 2014 and 2015 unfold we are being guided by cosmic influences of Illumined Truth and the Flame of Unconditional Love-Wisdom that assists all humanity to a Higher Light focus.
  • As the earth now is taking her last steps to anchor the fifth dimension, what is known as Nova Earth, each soul on this planet is being guided to find their highest potential, their own path of liberation that is unique to them. We are all moving towards higher planes of consciousness and a greater understanding of our Divine nature.
  • As we reach towards the next occtive of physicality in the ascension process, the Realms of Light and the Ascended Masters, who have been overseeing our beloved Earth for millennia now, are once again coming forth to teach, foster, and guide humanity to achieve its final leap into full Christ Consciousness. Humanity as a collective consciousness is evolving and merging into full awareness, grounded in love, and fostered in gnosis or divine inner knowing. This is our Divine heritage, our legacy from Heaven, and our return to Oneness with the Creator Most High.

If you have found this site you are probably ready for a deeper experience of spiritual awakenment.


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A Message From
Ascended Master Serapis Bey

Serapis Bey


October 1st, 2014
Message from Master Serapis Bey

Through the Messenger,
Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek


 “Dear ones, I give you greetings from Shamballa. I would like to tell you of a few important matters during this most sacred and soul-searching time on your planet. Since the turning of the Fall equinox, your planet has been undergoing a severe and almost radical shift in consciousness. This has largely to do with cleansing and clearing the last remnants of negativity, both in the individual soul and in the collective consciousness. So it behooves you to look deeply within your being, to the very core; and doing so, find that which has kept you back from being your Fullest, Most Loving Self. This is tremendously important for each person at this time.
Some of you will find yourself in a difficult life circumstance, something that perhaps has not manifested previously or for many years or even decades. But now it seems to have arisen once again and its confrontation is very powerful. So for those in that circumstance, you need to stand strong in your Christ Light, be firm in your faith (that is, your connection with Divinity or Source). Find the inroad to your difficult issue and ride the waves of the lower frequencies to achieve liberation into the higher frequencies. This you can do; you need only choose to do it.
Then, there are those who believe themselves to be far advanced on the path of liberation. And perhaps this is quite true. However, there is a deep seeded need to cleanse and clear the final obstacles of soul that keep you from full and complete transformation. This is needful, dear hearts, for in that self-evaluation and clearing, you will become totally free, totally without reservation or karmic entanglements. Remember, for those of you who are working on the subtle level, that karma doesn’t always involve relational interaction. It can just as easily involve self-delusion or deception or even self-blindness to a given misqualified characteristic. Here we are not asking you to ‘make up’ something so that you can go through the motions of clearing it. No. No. It is far more serious than that.
We, the Brotherhood of Light, are asking you to look to those things that form a negative valance over your soul, something so subtle and pervasive that it is difficult to realize that you are still caught up by it, especially after you have realized that such rooting out has already been attempted in another time at a more gross level. What we mean is that it is time to do the dusting of the heart-mind and clear the way for the soul mergence with the Oversoul. This is a three-step process. First the recognition and clearing, then the establishment of a new soul pattern or habit that does not include the negative valance; then, there is the decision not to re-engage with that lower thought form. For indeed, dear ones, it is a manifestation of the earthly lower thought forms that are inhibiting you and your beautiful planet at this time. So make the ‘choice’ to deal with whatsoever arises in consciousness that prevents you from full and complete upliftment; it is very very good to do this at this time.
Now I want to talk just a bit about acquiring your oversoul awareness. It is time, and perhaps past time, for you to become more fully aware of your oversoul; that which is a part of your next evolutionary step in higher consciousness. To do this you must, of course, meditate on a regular basis, do loving acts of kindness and compassion, dedicate yourself to your spiritual path and development and bring a greater Light focus into your consciousness. This is easier than it may seem. To bring your oversoul into play with your lower mind, body and soul, you must ask for a greater Light to be ignited within. Not something that would cause harm to you in any way, but rather a sense of greater love, greater compassion, greater wisdom. Compassion and forgiveness is a major step in this direction. We have said many times that Love, Compassion and Forgiveness are the cornerstones to upliftment, and it has never been more true than it is at this juncture in Earth’s ascension.
Once you have established a pattern of awareness within consciousness of this oversoul, you can begin the journey to full liberation by stages. Already the Earthplane has achieved the first three stages of Lightbody acquisition. But now it is time for you to actualize if not simply realize your level of Lightbody awareness. Once you do this, the process of inception of the oversoul becomes very much easier. We are happy to tell you that your brothers and sisters throughout your beautiful planet are acquiring this knowledge and, more importantly, this experience of ‘inner knowing’, ‘inner awareness of Divinity’ more and more. You, dear hearts, are not alone. You never have been alone. For the Father has provided for each and every one of you from the beginning of time, and it will continue through the end of all that is---and, dear ones, that is a very very long time in the far distance of what you refer to as ‘the future’. So take heart and find your inward pathway home. Use the chakra system to assist you to ever greater heights of awareness and look to those earth teachers who truly have your highest good at heart and do not seek to rake you for your funds and your gratefulness. Always stand clear of that which does not ‘feel’ right for you; know what you are doing. Keep your eyes wide open, and more importantly, “keep your mind on God and your Eye on the Light”.
I am he, Serapis Bey, and I wish you well in this venture. It is an exciting time on your planet and in your region of this universe. Much is happening and much more will occur before final transition to the Realm of 5D can be stabilized. Know that you are already riding upon the lower pathways of 5D and there shall be no return to 3D, no matter how much collateral damage the dark ones would like to effect on Earth. It is simply NOT going to happen. You have been declared a “sacred Planet” by the Holy Father (Source), and nothing can inhibit that planetary dispensation. So, we of Shamballa say, “Go with God and go with Grace”. We remain yours, the Ascended Master-Teachers.”

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14 September 2014
Message from Master Serapis Bey

Time and Timelessness
Through the Channel, Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

Dear Children of Light, AliceAnn has asked me to paraphrase the discussion that the Council of Light recently had with the members of the GFL. Therefore, I will join with those Masters to elucidate.

First off, you are indeed heading for an Ascension event timeline. However time is not a linear event that will be subject to all who reside upon the earth during this transition, but rather a matter of a shift of frequencies for those who can hold the highest configurations of Light/Awareness. Time is not, but frequencies are a living reality of the Mind of God. Once you raise your frequencies to a laudable level, you are able to transcend time as you know it. You are then living in the Mind of Prime Source, therefore, you are without discrimination of individual increments of experience. This means that you are aware of change and movement, but not as a discrete event. Thus, the ascension timeline is not a singular event in time, but rather a frequential shift in the minds of those who hold the God-Force Love frequencies of the Eternal Now. It’s not as hard as you may perceive.

Living in the Mind of God is actually quite simple. Meditating and raising your vibratory rate of your inner Divinity, your Higher Mind or your evolutionary consciousness is sufficient to get you into the ascension gateway or timegate. Yes, there will be an event. No doubt of it. But it is not one that everyone upon the earth can and will experience. No matter what else you do each day from now till the ascension gateway, meditate and raise your frequencies. If you don’t know how, find some one to teach you. It’s not rocket science; it’s merely settling on the concept of lifting up. So lift your mind, your thoughts, your ability to love and bless, your speech, your actions, your very essence to its highest potential.

You will learn many new terms in these coming days, and that is also good. Get comfortable with questions like: “How’s your frequency today?” Or “what frequency is it?” Or even, “Can we meet at this frequency to study together?”. All good things to get a grip on. Also there are Islands of Space that are available for gatherings of Children of Light who wish to preserve a frequency to learn a given subject. These historical timelines are all accessed in The Hall of Records, and can be listened to or even replayed on a hologram event frequency. As you step into new protocols of time and task, you will lose the old languaging of earth and gain a more Universal language of comprehension. This is to be granted to everyone, regardless of age, race, or level of mental accomplishment. So, sit back and relax your frequencies, keep them high and flowing and step into your next reality.

I think that covers it, AliceAnn. Blessings to the chelas and dear ones of Light. I am he, Serapis Bey.


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1 August 2014
Message from Master Serapis Bey / Fruits of Ascension

Through the Channel Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

Dear ones of Light. How joyous it is for us here in the Hierarchy to see how much the world has changed, how much it has ascended into the next order of the universe. We all have contributed to the upliftment of humanity, you below and the Masters above. We have created a Divine network of a Love that is penetrating throughout the entire planet. Not just this single Community of Light, but all such communities that foster the Light of the Father and the Love of the Mother.

The Realms of Light and the High Holy Ones are rejoicing as well, as the Creator’s Plan is unfurling with great rapidity. The Divine Ones of the Highest Realms are assisting and refining all lower world’s experience, as they attune the dear ones of Light to their highest potential. More and more of you are finding the peace and joy of meditation and its spiritual attunements as right for you. It’s a matter of reconnecting with Source and the Cosmos. Many of you do not often think that you have been separated from your Higher Self for a time. But it is true, and now you are reuniting with that Divinity within that is so very powerful, so very loving and so very present in your individual reality.

Make no mistake, dear ones, you are evolving in consciousness, in Light and in Love as well as in physicality. You are finding the door of Heaven opening and welcoming. No one will be denied who chooses the upward path. Everything on the Earth is also changing. You are catapulting yourselves right into the Greater Reality of God’s Infinite Universe. Watch now as the nightly news anchors shift their viewpoint. Watch as the heads of state and the diplomatic core redefine their labors and their efforts throughout the world. Watch as the economy of the world takes a boost in a positive direction, filling the coffers of individual bank accounts rather than those of the banking industry. Small banks who guard the interests of their customers will prosper and remain fully functional; those who are not people-oriented will fade or simply dissolve. Governments will now shift.

The Father’s Plan has come upon the Age, and all that has been shall be transformed into paradigms of Love, cooperation and trust. The feeling that each of you Lightworkers have is one of the new age, is one of your developing Lightbody consciousness.

If you embrace that which you shall be, you shall be that which you embrace. If you do not or cannot choose it, you will but live as you have always lived, until you are finally ready for full awakenment. However, dear ones, do not despair. Your world has come so far so fast, that many have chosen either consciously or unconsciously to transcend. This means that the planet as a whole will create corridors of Light that will take all life through to the next phase of evolution. This is indeed a wonderful thing.

Now, I would like to address some finer points of ascension to help you remain focused on your goal. First, dear ones, take note of your state of mind, health and life. Make those changes that your inner heart is directing you to do. Find the strength to follow your Highest potential and make your and keep your commitments to the Light. There is nothing more disheartening than to see one come close to the finish line and then simply just quit either out of fear or misjudgment. Practicing cooperation and trust is a skill that must be acquired through love. If you have not the inner strength to go through the fire of transformation, you will need assistance to do so: find it! And when you do find it, remain steadfast. Over the last little time, we have seen dear ones step off the main timeline of ascension, and although each and every one has free will, it is a sadness to the Teachers to see them on a side path. Still, all roads do lead to God and eventually all will rejoin as one true family of Light. Nonetheless, let the darkness go and receive the Light of God. It is not hard, nor is it troublesome to do. Just love, forgive errors, and make life joyous and worry-free. Help others to let go of their untoward fear, so that all life on Earth may receive the benefits of transformation. You are all, after all, making the world a new place; one of love, cooperation, friendliness, and prosperity. So go forth in the Light of the Christ and bring forth your empowerment, your brotherly love and practice what you know deep inside. Let all wounds be healed and all misfortunes be corrected, for you are Children of the One, beloved of the Father.

I give you the blessings of the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy, as we are with you every step of the way through this planetary transformation. God’s speed, my dear ones. I am he, Serapis Bey, Keeper of the Ascension Flame, Seraphim Master.

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12 July 2014 Message from
Master Serapis Bey

Through the Channel,
Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

Greetings, dear ones of Light. I am he, Serapis Bey. I come today to tell you that there is great change afoot. Oh yes! It may look to you like there is increased chaos in the world, but I assure you this is but the cracking of the egg of the world. For eons you have been controlled by the factions of the dark, barely able to make choice at all -- in your governments, in your taxes, in your purchasing power, in your health needs. But now all that is erupting. That which has kept you from discovering your Higher Self and that which has kept you in a constant state of oppression is now being vanquished. With the power of the Father and the Love of the Mother, you now have the inward strength and empowerment you need to overturn that which has repressed you for more than 5,000 years. Now you are winning free.

We have always told you that 5D would not be a five star hotel, and that you would have to build it up yourself. And now, you can see that this is happening. The old 3D structures are crumbling, as nothing that was of the old paradigm can go forward into the new. In your own lives you can see that this is true. Even as you hold to the Light of your becoming, the vertical spiritual connection you have with Source, you are finding transition and transformation at all levels within your life. Your relationships, your careers, your devotion, your financial stability and even your spiritual connections are all undergoing a monumental shift from the old to the new, the 3D oppression and control to the 5D liberation and flow. Each and every entity, including organizations, governments and earthly kingdoms is now undergoing a permanent shift to the Absolute Reality of God-Consciousness.

Many of you are taking retreats, traveling to places where you can just sit and be to find your inner peace; many are shunting off the old garments of the heavily dualistic earthplane and putting on the raiment of Light and Joy of the next occtive of existence. You can see it happening right under your eyes, especially your Wisdom eye. So, dear ones, take the time to assess your life and determine your next level of grace.

In this time of greatest transition it is good to stay connected with the Father Creator Most High and also with Gaia. Mother-Earth has a great power of transformation built right into her consciousness and she is taking all of her beloved earth-children with her to the next reality, while simultaneously shunting off that which is dark, that which has caused her pain and suffering, and that which has harmed her beloved earth-children.

The Ascended Masters also are assisting you as are the Angels and Elohim, especially the powerful Archangels of God’s will and the Elohim of Strength, Light, Love, Purity, Healing, Peace and Elemental Force. So be aware of this assistance, be aware of your own inner Divinity and Love. Remember not to live in fear. Remember not to judge others, no matter how deleterious you may feel they are. Remember not to think, speak or do anything that places you in a field of negativity. Remember to create Love, Light and Forgiveness wherever you go and whosoever you deal with. Remember to reject negativity coming at you and to accept the Peace of God that passeth all human understanding – bring this last right into your very core each and every day. Find your own pathway home, whether it is in community, which has enormous power to further your own ascension and that of Humanity or as a solo Being of Light moving upward into your next occtive.

As I always tell you, “meditate” and do it daily, do it often. Let the Light of the Creator Most High, the High Holy Ones, the Angels and Guides that you know and trust – let them guide you, let them help manifest your own true reality, your upliftment. Open your Crown to the Light and imagine your Highest Truth. Then hold on to it, then: Live It!

We of the Brotherhood of Light salute you for your love and grace, your joy and discipline, your strength and determination! We bless you and assure you that we are with you every step of the way. In fact, there are more than 200,000 Star Nations of Light in your local space continuum right here right now to support and give witness to your planetary upliftment. So go forward, dear ones, do not terry along the way. Be your highest truth, your greatest Love, your Highest consciousness! And so it is. I am he, Serapis Bey. God Bless you.

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2 May 2014 Message from Master Serapis Bey
Through the Messenger, Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

“Dear Ones, you are accelerating through corridors of Love and Light at a phenomenal rate. As we watch from on high, we can see that you are all, as a planet, accelerating into your next octave, as perfecting beings of Light. It is important that you realize that this is a journey of perfecting. And this is good. As May comes forth you will experience great waves of Love coming from the Divine Mother.  You will find yourself more and more in harmony with your fellowmen and with yourself. You will experience moments of great heights, and periods of ever-accelerated time. You will find that you desire to change your habits, your diet, your schedule, your work and play patterns. You will find that your heart’s desire is appearing right before your eyes, whether that is a new piano that you have always desired from childhood but never bothered to follow up on, or rather if it is a trip to a  place in the world that you have never thought to go in this lifetime. Or perhaps it is choosing a new career that you have never before thought you would be doing. Even if you leave a long-time job for heading out into the unknown, it matters not. For this is a time of greatest manifestation. You are what you think. You are what you manifest. You are your new becoming here and now. You don’t need to wait for the ascension event; your change is on your own event horizon. Do you see?

So be mindful in your daily life. See clearly your choices and make them with due diligence. Be mindful of the love you give forth to others and what you choose to bring into your spectrum of experience. By that I mean, be joyous in your choices but be prudent in what you choose. Find the time to sit quietly and get in contact with God, however you fine the Supreme Being of Creation. Take time to sing and receive the Light coming down from Heaven each day. Take time to smile, to enjoy periods of rest, to be out in nature and to just BE. These are all things that are assisting you to a full and complete Shift to Higher Consciousness. Ascension, as we have said many times is a process, and you are deeply involved in that process right now. As the transitional portal gateway opens even wider, your planet and all its life will assume a totally new protocol, a new way of being. And this is good. As change is the basis for all forward movement in the Kingdom, you can expect change within you, and also outside of you. Be the Light you are in every moement, every day!

Now. Let me say something about the lovely energies of May. As you know there were many portal gateways opened in April, many astrological alignments, and many coridors open directly to Heaven through solar and lunar eclipses. All of which was fashioned to help you and Mother-Earth to release lower frequencies of the now dividing world, – look at all the earthquakes that occurred in April for example; and look at all the challenges you faced in your life as you struggled to keep those frequencies as high as possible. But now, there is an opportunity for humanity as a whole to grow in Love frequencies. As these portal gateways have blessed all humanity, and especially all Lightworkers, with their encodings of Love, awareness, and a greater consciousness, you will now integrate and manifest in your own life these benefitial aspects of ascension. You will hold these God-Codes and will be able to activate more of the dorment DNA/RNA and chakra centers within, and you will more easily be able to reach Heaven on a daily basis. Discomfort of the body and mind, irregular sleeping and eating patterns will disappear, and you will have a greater sense of purpose, if not a clearer direction for your future. This is the time of ‘easement’ into a new paradigm, a new Absolute Reality.

Now, let me touch on an area of difficulty. I have heard that there are many Lightworkers that are slipping back a bit. Most of these feel that they have done all they need do to ascend, while others are tired of waiting for the Ascension Event to come. But let me tell you straight, that it is not a matter of your readiness, only a matter of your steadfastness that matters at this juncture. Each of you are ready at the level you have come to, but there is Always more that you can do in terms of intention and attention. Be assured that Heaven will leave no one behind. But for Lightworkers, we here in Shambala need you to be ready to assist. Remember, you and Mother-Earth are a Divine Experiment. Nothing like this has ever been attempted for any planet anywhere. The Father has decreed that Earth is to be a Sacred Planet, hence you are under the Father’s direct care. This means, though, that you too have a responsibility to do all that you can as Lightworkers to assist others to their Perfecting. Help your fellow man/woman/child and see that Love is the Key that unlocks all doors. Those who are still stuck in fear or institutional religion or mindset are sadly missing their greatest opportunity to come into the Kingdom as fully awake and aware beings of God’s family. Hence, this means there is all that much more work for Lightworkers to accomplish once the Ascension event has occurred. So, dear ones, be ready, willing and able to assist. And the best way that you can prepare is by not dropping the ball, by stepping forward each day with spiritual vigor, with discipline to meditate and to eat, sleep, work and play with great mindfulness and Joy. Let your heart sing! Let your feet dance! And let your words and thoughts reflect your Divine Nature. Be Joyous in all that you do and be Godly! An easy formula for full ascension, don’t you think?

Now, we wish to affirm with you yet again that the Earth is in its final throws of releasement, the beings of lower frequency will continue on for a while with their illusions of 3D, while the Lightworkers of 5D and higher will assume an assistive role for the Realms of Light. As the world makes its final divide, you too will settle on your Divine Destiny, you will literally make your collective reality, but this time based on Truth, for the Truth will set you free. Those who are still on the fence as it were, will have a window of opportunity to turn to the Light and raise their consciousness sufficiently that they too may come along on the Ascension wave of first-ascenders. But most on your planet prefer to dally a while longer in the 3D illusion, either out of fear or ignorance, but without a doubt those who are ready to make the Shift to the new paradigm most certainly will. Your bodies are becoming active Lightbodies, crystalline in every sense of the word. It now no longer matters what you eat, for the most part; how you sleep or what you choose to do in your daily activities, because all that you do is geared to upliftment. Your soul is ready and willing to make the final leap forward to immortality. There is no more death, no more discomfort, no more unreality for you to face. Thus, it is imperative to keep your focus on Heaven. As Djwal Khul famously says, “Keep your mind on God, and your Eye on the Light”. Thus, you shall find the joy and peace you have come forward to finally experience. Know, dear ones that we of the Spiritual Hierarchy are with you, we are guiding you, and we are looking to the time that we may share one Realm, one reality with you. It will now not be long before you will see us, as your frequencies raise, so shall you perceive what the 3D has hidden from you for millennia. Let your heart sing and your feet dance in Joy, for God is with you, and your legacy is about to manifest in full awakenment.

I am he, who is Serapis Bey, and I give you the Blessings of the Masters of Shambala. Go forward in the Name of the Creator Most High”.

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10 April 2014 Message from Serapis Bey / Patterns of Ascension
Through the Messenger, Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

Dear ones,

I am he, Serapis Bey, I give you greeting. You know that we have told you in the past many times that the transition to 5D reality was upon you now. However, many of you have now had shifts in consciousness significant enough to truly understand our message in its full context. When we say that you are making the shift to 5D reality, we truly mean that you are transforming cell by cell, day by day. That all that you are is significantly shifting to a greater reality of, not only your physicality, but also your consciousness. Now, having said this let me also say, that as you are becoming stabilized in your Lightbody, you also must shift the ‘thought’ consciousness. That is to say, you must ‘believe’ or ‘hold in consciousness’ the very fact that you are indeed changing to a vehicle of Light, a Divine temple of ever-increased frequencies of ChristLight. So when you can hold this ‘idea’ in your thought, in your mind as it were, you can then ‘allow’ the shift to more fully manifest in you. Remember, dear ones you are Eternal, you are ageless, you are free from duality and the lower frequencies of the past.

And so, it behooves you to start manifesting your new Self, your Higher Self. This is a truth that your soul already knows. It sometimes takes the mental body a bit longer to absorb the essence of this perceptual shift. Remember Everything occurs top down, that is to say, Spirit first, then mental/physical. Do you see? Once the soul has become aware of the permanence of the Lightbody, then the mind and body follow in accord with its new reality. Of course, some of the shift is simultaneous in all four-bodies, that is assuredly so. But for the most part, your mind can and does block the flow of transformation if you do not simply allow the Divine Codes, the Divine Light to penetrate into your being. It is that simple, dear ones. Just allow it to be so, and it will.

Now, I want to say just a word about communities of Light. There are many of you on the Earth who are connecting with Divine Light communities, and this is good. For it is much easier to go through these transitional times when you have like-minded brothers and sisters to join with you as a collective consciousness. This does not mean you will be subsumed into the collective mind of that group avatar, no. Rather you assist one another to, not only bring you through all the bumps and gateways of Ascension, but also you as a group avatar assist the whole world, all of humanity, as you as a group avatar are doing your part. So we of the Spiritual Hierarchy encourage you to join one another in Communities of Light. Learn the sacredness of your being to whichever level you are attracted to. Yes, of course, you can ascend on your own now or later. However part of the ascension process is to understand that you are a Human Collective Consciousness and the whole of humanity that is willing to ascend will be raised to the next octave of consciousness. Still, fear not. For if you have chosen to step aside and go on your own path, the Father-Mother One will not forget you, nor shall you be left behind. You all are making last minute fine-tunings of where and how you will go through this last process. And this is your soul’s personal choice and your OverSoul’s awareness. Remember, you are Always loved by God – Father-Mother-One, The Creator Most High. And so it is.

Now I want to talk a bit about resistance, negativity and interference. You all probably already know that there is a Ring-Passeth-Not around planet earth. However, it is less well known that there is also a Ring-Passeth-Not around each of you in terms of access to Divine Consciousness. This is not a serious thing, so do not worry overly much about it. However, it was put in place long ago to protect you from a variety of things that could cause you difficulty, such as shorting out, becoming negatively influenced by the departing dark ones, and by your own resistance to the Divine nature acquisition. But now that time has passed. To access the First Cause Perfection, you can now ask Archangel Michael to cut through that barrier so that you are no longer subject to that field of personal prohibition. It is simple. This has come forth on the internet several times recently, and we here in the Hierarchy are now merely re-enforcing the importance of allowing this state of status quo to pass. As I said, it is simple, just ask AA Michael to cut through all lines of force of negativity, resistance and interference; then stand firm in your faith as a Divine Child of God, and stand strong in your Christed Light, which will enhance your Lightbody and advance your consciousness even further. Allow this to occur within your being and without (all things in you and also coming at you). In this way you will allow a greater access to Source, Source Energies, and the Mother’s Divine Plan.

Oh yes, make no mistake, one cannot but be influenced by Source, Source Energies, and the Mother’s Plan. But this allows the flow to freely flow through you, to truly open you to First Cause modalities, to bring your awareness as a Divine Child of God in to the 5D reality. Remember Ascension is a process. You cannot help but experience the process; it is only how aware of it you may be at any given time, that makes the difference in your experience. Be aware, be awake, and be joyful.  For without Joy the process seems to push the river as it were. And, no, you don’t push the river, the Divine Flow; you allow it. With this in mind, you can clear the things that need clearing and you can access those things that bring you a greater awareness, a greater peace of mind and heart. Do you see how simple this is. Remember God’s universe is very simple, it is humanity that makes it complicated.

So, my dear ones, be joyful, be full of God’s Grace, and be aware of how Divinity is evolving within you, for assuredly, it is evolving within as much as it is evolving without. Call upon the Sacred Names to enhance your experience and bring you to even higher levels of God-Consciousness Awareness. (Christ Consciousness Awareness). Know that the time is nigh when all shall be revealed, when you too shall know all that is given unto you, all that you are and have always been and, for that matter, shall ever be. You are Divine. You are beloved of God. You are blessed, dear children of the Earth. And nothing now can hold you back; there is no longer a tipping point, for you have crossed over and the last threshold is well in sight. Do pay attention to the High Holy Days as they approach, for they will bring the last portions of your earthly transition to Cosmic reality. Each day a new portal/gateway will open and enhance your field of personal radiance until the Summer Solstice of 2014; then, in short order the upliftments will occur, the planet will pass through the eye of the needle and your liberation will be in place. Remember too, that all things in the Mother’s Plan are gradual. There will be no earth-shaking irruptions or apocalypses. Yes, earthquakes and volcanoes’ will irrupt, but no further life will be spent, save for those who chose it of themselves not to enter into the next reality. No dark ones can affect the Divine Mother’s Plan, and no one who wishes to ascend will be left behind. The governments will coalesce into oneness, financial institutes will aid not abate the people, and all shall experience abundance in full measure in a variety of forms.

So I leave you now with my blessing and that of Shamballa. We are eager to join you planetside, and we will, once your planet can hold our frequencies. We will rejoice together and will invite you aboard our ships and we will walk the earth alongside you to Teach the Law of the One, to heal and to inform. We shall all embrace the Joy of 5D together. God Bless you. I am he, Serapis Bey.


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5 March 2014 Message from Serapis Bey / Refinement

Through the Messenger, Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

“Dear ones, I am he, who is Serapis Bey. This is the time of the last pull towards your final upliftment. It is a time of refinement and purification. We have told you many times now that February and March would seem somewhat difficult in the outer world; and this is true. Now, however, you are moving in to the gateway of fulfillment. These last things that are occurring in your life, these last patterns of the old paradigm are the final challenges of your old small self. As you refine your truth and let go of your lower human natures, you become more a part of your Higher Self, your own True Self. This is why we tell you to always keep to your spiritual alignment, what I like to call vertical spirituality.

Now, let me say a little something about what is coming in your immediate future. There will be in April a kind of general settling in of the Divine Plan for the earthplane. In the first two weeks of April there will be a definite shift to a greater peacefulness upon the planet, a greater sense of cooperation, a greater field of joy and love. You will see that your family, friends and neighbors will be more compassionate, more willing to smile and offer a hand. By the end of April, just after Easter, you will have a new and wonderful opportunity for a global shift brought forth by the Ascended Masters of Shamballa and the Galactic Federation of Light. In May and June and throughout the remainder of 2014, you will see that the mechanisms of government and financial control will lessen, and that there will be a greater freedom in your ability to conduct your personal life, your business as it were. Those who are not of this elevated frame of mind will simply begin to disappear from your experience. They too have a journey, but, it is not Your journey. You will then find more like-minded people who share with you the joy and peace of the new Kingdom, the new Earth paradigm.

But, make no mistake. You must finish your refining at this juncture. You must find yourself on the plane of upward compliance with Heaven. – So what do I mean by upward compliance? I mean, that once you surrender to the Highest good, the God-Self within you and above you, you will find yourself moving – living – in a completely different manner. You will sense both a freedom from within and a deep connection with all that is good, all that is God, all that is unified in the Universe. In fact, your whole perspective will shift into a permanent way of being that no longer ties you to the old patterns of survival, the old Earth paradigm; You will see rather that life is good, that life is joyous and that you are internally and externally changing so fast that you can hardly keep up with the new levels of joy that are blossoming within you. You will feel happy! Truly happy. You will feel whole and complete within yourself. You will feel, quite literally, Lighter!

The world too is taking its last steps to refinement. Mother Gaia herself is joyously moving into her end stage of ascension. She is happily shedding all that she no longer needs of the 3D or even 4D reality. Everything that is going forth now, is of the highest vibration allowable under Cosmic Law at this time. Everything is coming into alignment with its perfection. The Earth and all her inhabitants are moving towards full and complete God-Consciousness. This means a mergence with Universal Order like you have never known before. This means a 5D alignment of Earth with the Solar Christ Consciousness, the next level of your upliftment. The Angels and the Elohim are present here upon your earthplane, eagerly awaiting your decision to take this final shift into the Absolute Reality, -- the “Greater Reality”, if you like. It is a time of great joy, my dear ones; a time of full and utter resolution.

Therefore, be clear in your choices. Face these last steps with love and complete clarity; look deeply into yourself, for God has arranged that whatsoever it is that lingers within you that needs to be brought forth, shall be. It is then up to you to ‘choose’ to either Cleve to it and take more life lessons through the wheel of rebirth, or, ultimately let it go for once and for ever. This is part of the Divine Plan. God giveth the increase, but YOU must choose yourself the final step to your planetary transformation. God cannot do it for you. Your salvation is in your own hands. Your wisdom eye, your I-AM Consciousness and your Lightbody are all awaiting your final choice to move forward into the Mother’s Divine Plan for You. I urge you not to delay. There is No more time. In fact, time as you know it is rapidly disappearing. Not only is time speeding up at such a rate you hardly are aware of the impact it is having upon you, but time is disappearing altogether.

There are so many wonderful beings of Light that have answered the Call; the call from within that launches them upon this Cycle of Return. As Sanat Kumara, and the Council of Earth’s governance in the Higher Realms make their choice too to move into this final phase of upliftment, so too does the solar system, the galaxy and your local universe. This Divine Experiment is in its full momentum. The principles of the Universe that your scientists perceive as laws, are directly under the Will of the Creator Most High; and they are catapulting you into an entirely different Cosmic modality. This modality is Absolute perfection; it is a shift into the Mind and Heart of God. This is an opportunity for you to be a living representative of God’s Creation for this cycle, aware and awake to your highest potential. No, the Earth shall NOT be destroyed, nor shall there be great cataclysms or will there be an apocalypse. No, no. This is NOT the Way of the Divine Plan of the Mother-Creator. It is through Love and Joy that this Great Shift shall occur. This is and always has been, the Divine Plan; it was just that the Earth was lagging somewhat behind. Because this particular quadrant of space is in a free will zone, the Father was reluctant to interfere with humanity’s choice to resist and refuse the Greater Reality if it so chose to do so. But all that is past now! All goes forth as God has decreed, as the Father’s “dispensation of Grace”. The Earth herself has reached out to the Kingdom of the Most High and made her petition, the Lightworkers upon the earthplain have also, long since, made their petitions to the High Holy Ones to be free from the slavery of the dark who have managed life on this planet for a millennium or more. In addition, all souls upon this plain of existence have been granted the choice to upliftment and liberation or a shift to another 3D modality. This means, in God’s Wisdom and Great Love, it has been decreed that all shall be given the ‘opportunity’ to move up or, conversely, wait longer for upliftment. – But, dear ones, this is not an apocalyptic scenario. No, not at all. It is God’s love for all of His/Her Creation that makes the freedom of choice an individual choice. So it is that we Masters of Shamballa and of the Higher Realms or Dimensions of Reality, have asked all of you to do the inner work of refinement, of cleansing and clearing the last remnants of what has held you back from your perfection since the Great Fall. Now you can more easily shed the garments of self destruction, war, dysfunction and disease, and move more steadfastly into liberation, freedom, complete and enduring happiness; the joy will be great on your planet and we of the Spiritual Hierarchy will be glad to see it, to participate in it with you.

So do not fear the Earth changes that are destined to adjust the corridors of Light to fit the last push towards liberation. Work on yourself ‘as’ a Divine Being finding perfection from within. Be kind to others, smile; do a kind deed for a stranger, be generous, loving, joyful and positive in nature. Let go of what has harmed you, what ties you to human dysfunction and despair. Let go of all that does not Serve the Highest good within yourself and within the world. Let Joy prevail in you and peace. Let Light and Love guide you to your next perfection; then, my dear ones, I promise you, you shall go through the Ascension Flame with joy on your face and in your heart. For you are beloved of god, you are the Children of Light and you are all welcome back into the larger Family of Light that is so eagerly awaiting to greet you in Love and in Peace. – And so it is.

I am he, who is known as the Ascension Master, the Keeper of the Ascension Flame: Serapis Bey. And I give you my blessing.”

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1 February 2014 Message from Master Serapis Bey - Frequential Shifts

Through the Messenger, Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

Dear ones, this is indeed an exciting time for you, but it is also a most difficult time. You must weave your way through the remaining remnants of chaos prevalent on your Earth. This is a time of great unrest and confusion among those who are not yet awake. You must be diligent in your efforts, your reactions, and in your connection with Source. Keep vigilant, dear ones, don’t let a minute go by when you are not attuned to the Divine Self that you are.

The weather will be dramatic in many areas, as the planet is settling deeply into its final corridor towards 5D. Communication systems and even telepathic communication with devoted channels will be intermittently interrupted as the CMEs from the sun will have a dramatic effect on the earth. Messages on the Internet will be misleading and seemingly promising, but don’t be fooled. Read Everything with a large grain of salt. Do not think that just anyone has the answers; only the Ascended Masters truly know the outcome for your Earth and the direction that all of humanity will traverse in these next few months. It is true that AA Michael and AA Gabriel are more prevalent now, but messages from them are tempered by restraint, patience and the endurance of humanity’s love for the Creator. But almost everything else is supposition. SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey is back and you can completely trust those messages. Matthew through Suzie Ward is also most reliable. Tom Kenyon’s messages from the Hathors are excellent. Ashtar on the Road is also a good source for keeping up with the GFL. John Smallmann’s messages are always loving and helpful, as are those from Marlene Swetlishoff. But much more on the Net is somewhat spurious. Use discernment at every opportunity,. So be sure of your inner guidance, and the sources you are relying on. In fact, it is best at this time to rely on your Higher Self. Put everything into your Heart Chakra before you decide on anything. Be sure of your Heart’s reaction to whatever it is that is confronting you and you will be in good stead.

Now, let me talk a bit about harmony. Recently in the Satsanga gathering I gave a discourse on Harmony. I said that the earth had been going through a good deal of disharmony, dysfunction, dis-ease, destruction, disorder and so on. But this time is rapidly coming to its end. Up until now it has been the Ray of “Harmony through Conflict that has been guiding humanity through its trials and tribulations”, but now, dear ones, it will be the Ray of “Harmony through Diversity” that will lead humankind forward into a new world of harmonious interaction. In the human collective harmony will replace conflict; peace will replace war, hatred will be replaced by unconditional love, and there will be upliftment in the hearts of all peoples everywhere. Do not doubt this, dear ones, for this is the final divide. What you ‘think’ what you ‘believe’ will surely influence all outcomes. So stay positive, stay happy, and stay in touch with your True Self.

There has been several portal gateways opening since the Winter Solstice of 2013. December 24-27, January 1st to 3rd, and then again from January 24 through January 26. You must understand that a portal or gateway that you are experiencing in a given location on your planet, isn’t just directed at your side of the planet or even at your city or state or province, or even nation; but rather, it is a portal that the entire earth is bathed in. Yes, indeed. The Heavens open to envelop the entire system of your Solar Sun. Additionally, the shift in the Sun’s poles will have a tremendously powerful impact on everyone and everything on the Earth. It is imperative now that you attend to this frequential shift. You are all probably feeling it directly in your solar plexus. This is not unusual. It is the unlocking of the old patterns of suppression, repression and depression that is being dealt with here. The solar polar shift is the gateway to your new life, to the 4/5D of antimatter that will lift you completely from 3D matter or carbon-based reality into crystalline based reality. It will take a few months to settle, even until the middle of 2015, but more and more you will in fact feel it.

Next, be apprised that the months of February and March are going to be months of tremendous unrest, change and discontentment among the low frequencies. People won’t know exactly why they are stressing out or why they are discontent with governments, politics, financial systems, local red tape, corporate management, and so forth -- but they will be rising up, stating loud and clear what is dissatisfactory to them, what is unpleasant and what is no longer acceptable to them. This massive movement towards transition must occur before the Divine Mother’s grid can be anchored upon the Earth mid April. Fortunately, all will turn out for the better. You will find grater joy, greater abundance, greater peace at the other end of this transitional gateway. Gateways are shifts in the energetic frequencies of a planet. They are conjunct with shifts in human consciousness. Indeed, they are part and parcel of consciousness shifts. You cannot have one without the other; one affects the other, and both affect the rate of Dimensional change that occurs on any given planet. Mother-Earth is wise in her transitional awareness. It is to be hoped that Humanity is as well.

We of the Spiritual Hierarchy are well pleased with the progress of humanity, of the dear ones of Light who have worked so long and steadfastly to affect change for themselves, their friends and neighbors and the world in general. We too are assisting the planet to make a firm and lasting shift to 5D and beyond. The GFL is in their final stages of planetary adjustment and soon the Earth herself will pull through the black hole that will liberate all 3D into its next level of reality. It’s not an ending, dear ones, but a beautiful promised beginning. It is a time of great joy, liberation, and upliftment. There is no more perfect time to get your house in order. Clear out of your consciousness all that does not serve the Higher good, let go of all those lower frequency things that do not serve your Higher Self. Be aware of the love you give and receive in your life, and give even more of it away to everyone you meet. Forgive everyone and every situation, leaving nothing out. For it is in forgiveness and love that the earth will transcend it’s lower frequencies. Let your hearts soar with your heart’s desire. Be not afraid of the coming changes, but rather embrace them and all that you are now and in your future.

I am he, Serapis Bey and I give you my Blessing and that of the Lords and Ladies of Shamballa. Go with God, and with Joy in your Heart!


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31 December 2013 / New Year’s Message from Master Serapis Bey

Through the Messenger, Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

Dear ones, You have had a very interesting and productive year in 2013. Much has been given and you have, indeed, taken up the reigns of your upliftment. Each of you has blossomed enormously over this past year. Look back, dear ones, and see the who you were twelve months ago. Now, look forward and perceive the you you are to become twelve months from now. Do not limit yourselves. Do not hesitate to dream big or forecast your life in the Highest Light possible. Heaven is aware of each of you; Heaven is ready to assist you to your Highest Potential. Do not rely on the small stuff of your every-day life, rather look to the larger picture of what is occurring now upon the Earth. -- The Earth is Sacred, you are sacred, God is aware of you as well as Mother Gaia. Be in joy. Do NOT become despondent, for in your upliftment you must progress upon the path in joy, in love, in light and in determination.

We in the Hierarchy are so pleased with each of you. You are Divine, Beloved Children of God; Lightworkers who are the vanguard of God’s Divine Plan. Here we speak of the Divine Mother, the Shekinah Herself. Here we tell you that the Mother-Creator is aware of each of you, of each of your effortings and of each of your final choices to the Higher Life. We see that each has put aside the fetters of humanity, the encumberments of daily life, and the disappointments of delay and distraction. Yes, these things are all important.

In the next few months, many of you will receive from Heaven new instructions to what and where you shall be for the Service work you offer to the world. Each of you as Chela will experience even deeper inroads to awakenment. Each will find new strengths and new capabilities. Do not just rely on what you currently have as an understanding of God, of your path, of your awakenment. It is far more than you could possibly imagine. Be assured that the Great White Brotherhood of the Light is assisting you. Be assured that the Realms of Heaven that you have been able to reach in your own meditations, have also come to assist you. Be not afraid if a High Holy One comes to you; be open and willing to receive. Even as this chela has learned already, they come and they give what you ask them for. Do not ask lightly, do not make more of yourself than you are willing to give. Be confident, and also competent. Do not make the error of assuming either too much or too little. Just ask for the door to be open unto you, so that you will indeed receive what it is the Divine Plan has in mind for You; your particular puzzle-piece in Divine Order.

Let your hearts be free this year. Let your love shine forth to all. People will recognize you for the Light Being that you are. Yet, it is easy to become entrapped by glamour or the illusion that you yourself are beautiful, radiant or somehow special. Don’t go there! Just allow your Light to shine forth and know that God is giving you the increase, the Divine instruction if you like, so that you can do the work you are called to do. Rely on your intuition, but do not make the mistake that your logical mind is in charge, for it is not. The soul has precedence now, the Higher Self of your True Self. This is the Monadic Consciousness, the Divine Self that you have always been. Put aside all the years of your trial and tribulation since the Fall, and gather to yourself the Divine Light of Becoming. This last gateway of December Solstice , the Bethlehem stargate, has been an enormous aid to humanity, gifting you Divine awareness at unprecedented levels. Now the rays of the Sun will carry even more Divine encodings from the very heart of the Sun, and hence the Great Great Central Sun, where the Throne of Heaven resides. More Love prevails, more Divine encodings, more incentive to be your Highest Light.

It has come to our attention that many of the dear souls of Light who could and would benefit from visiting the Atomic Accelerator in Table Mountain in Wyoming, are not availing themselves of this Divine enhancement. You can, at will, visit this underground ascension seat and the guardians there will assist you to clear and enhance all that you need for your ascension. Be mindful though, if you ask for your full ascension, they may give it to you, and you will find yourself removed from physicality; so be clear with them that although you wish to ascend, you do wish also to serve upon the Earth for a while longer. This is imperative. Don’t fool around with your request. Make it clear, and make it brief, for the guardians are very powerful, and they can charge you with the Atomic Accelerator most directly. Also, do not hesitate because I am giving you a bit of a warning. There is no harm to you. Each of you may go at will and each will receive exactly what you request. If it is an increase in the germatrian Light that you perceive, or the opening of your 12 chakras, or empowering your personal crystals, or furtherance of your spiritual path, or even the final ascension, be assured you will receive it, and the reception may go far beyond the few minutes you are engaged with the Atomic Accelerator. So go forward to this Divine Atomic Accelerator Ascension seat with joy and gladness in your heart, remember to thank the guardians who serve there, and receive with Love and trust.

Now, let me say one further thing. This new year of 2014 is going to be a wonderful year. The Earth, however, is continuing to shuck all lower forms. This includes human, plant, animal and earth. So there will be further shifts and upheavals on the Earth. But be not concerned. Your ascension as a human or more-than-human community of Light is assured. There will be a great discovery and change in values on the human plane. There will be a shift to greater awareness of the Divine in all aspects of existence. There will be the unfolding of the Divine Prosperity, and changes in government will begin to be quite apparent. By 2015 you will be in a completely different environment, one that is based in love, trust, truth, abundance, joy, and cooperation. Your strength is your willingness to Serve God in whatever capacity you choose. It matters not what that may be. It only matters that your soul and you are one, are in accord with your own Divine essence. Family members may disappear, or feel you are strange. But I assure you, you are not strange or estranged from God. We of the Hierarchy will be with you soon.

As the Earth comes to a greater peacefulness and humanity awakens to the ill-use that it has been put to for over 2,000 years, you will see everything change. The air is already becoming cleaner, pollution will be eliminated, corporate greed will evaporate, banking exchange will benefit all, not just the few. People’s health care will be in place, especially given that Mr. Obama has sought the Highest good for all in his Health-Care Plan. Trust your intuition, your love for yourself and others, and be assured that all will be and in fact, is well. We are the Ascended Masters of Shamballa, the Governing Hierarchy of Earth from time immemorial and we guide and guard your well-being. I am he, who is the Ascended Master, Serapis Bey. God bless you as God blesses the Earth.

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18 December 2013 Message from Master Serapis Bey / Chaotic Nodes and Earth Reality Shifts

Through the Messenger Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

Dear ones, I am he Serapis Bey. It is now most evident to you upon the Earth that the levels of chaotic change/shifts are occurring at an alarming rate. Do not be alarmed though; stay in your vertical spirituality and find the peace of god within. When you do this you can experience the outer chaos without undergoing the internal turmoil of such chaos. In short, you will not be affected by what is occurring outwardly, at least not to the extent that you will be succumbed. You will be able to perceive and find your true Self in tacked. Be clear about your choices. Take your time to make any and all decisions. Prepare yourself for further solar bombardments and expect change on all levels at this highly transversal time. Your sun is carrying its load forward through the next level of transition, and you upon the Earth, especially those who are sensitive to such cosmic vibrations, will experience it internally, emotionally and physically. But it does not need to debilitate you. In fact, if you hold to the focus of whatever current frequency (spiritual vibration) you have thus far achieved, you will be just fine. The Earth knows what she is doing. The Sun too is aware of the lifestreams that are under the care of Lord Helios and Lady Vesta, the regents (Logoi) of your solar system. So this is, my dear ones, a necessary transitional node, one of some chaos and some re-structuring. And this is fine.

Now, the coming Solstice will be an extremely important one for you to focus on, for it is in the interior transitional shifts that will assist you to 1) go through the Bethlehem Stargate, 2) bring you into alignment to receive internal atomic acceleration, and 3) assist you to clear the old programming of 3D that has long tied you to Earth illusion. Do not fear these interior shifts, as they will assist you to realize your crystalline physicality and bring a new clarity to your consciousness. You are, dear ones, by nature, Divine! You are regaining what you lost at the Fall (Atlantis). You are becoming more than human; you are regaining your spirituality, your Divine Cosmic Awareness. Be assure that we of the Spiritual Hierarchy will assist you; we are the Brotherhood of the Light and it is our responsibility and our joy to help you through all levels of your transition to the Higher Realms of Light. Do not accept into your consciousness that which is “not of the Light”. Be mindful of your choices and remember too that what you think is what you manifest. This is a crucial time for all of humanity. “Much is given, much is expected”. And by this we mean that you are about to enter a wondrous period of Joy, prosperity, and freedom, but you must make some effort to become aligned with these Divine Frequencies. Yes, much will be gifted unto you, but still, you must choose to integrate and allow it to transform you. Without your willingness, your desire to do so, you may experience delay or a kind of roughness in the transitional phase. So be calm, be restful and peaceful, and do what you can to be in Joy. We are the Masters of Shamballa, and I am he who is Serapis Bey. God Bless you”.

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3 November 2013
Message from Serapis Bey
Launch point into Nova Earth

Through the Messenger Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

Dear Children of the World, Beloved Beings of Light and Love, I am he, Serapis Bey. I want to tell you today about the importance of your true being. To date many of you have found the in-roads to your true self and to the anchoring of your I-AM Presence within. This is a good thing. Now it is incumbent upon you to bring this “Will to Good” into full and complete manifestation. Because the dark has been masquerading as trauma and drama upon the earth, you have been subtly misdirected from your true course. But do not go there. Do not find yourself either in despair or disgruntlement. Be the Light that you are! Be the one true Light of your own Divinity. The dark cannot touch you, it cannot reach you, it cannot overtake you. You are Light, you are Love, you are Divine. Always remember this, for it is true in this now moment, and it shall be true for all Eternity.

What is happening upon your earth is no more and no less than the end-game of the ending of duality and chaos. All of the struggles from the otherside are only underscoring the delusion of the world as you have come to define it. Now, dear ones, it is time and past time, for you to see the world for the illusion that it truly has been. See beyond the apparent turmoil in your human collective, and see rather the joy of the world as all, and here I do mean All, who are arising to the next level of reality, that which you call the Fifth Dimension. Know that Gaia has been on this upward path for quite a while, and that those of you who are awake and aware have also been journeying right along with her into the next Greater Reality, God’s Absolute Reality. Nothing, and again I say, Nothing can disturb that Divine Focus. You ARE more than you know, great beings of Light and Love. Now it is for you to, not only comprehend this truth, but live it. I have said over and over again about the importance of holding to your own personal vertical spirituality; and, it is no less true in this now moment than it was several months past or even in 2012.

As you move into this final gateway of the Star Tetrahedron of the Divine Renaissance Gateway you will find that life has turned the last corner towards the “Will to Good”. Thos who have followed the other path will fade from prominence and even return to corridors of existence that no longer can influence this Earth. Let them go! With no judgment, blame or shame, just let them go to their rightful place. Let the subtle intrusive feelings that hold you back from your ultimate joy, your ultimate release into your Highest Potential, -- let that inhibiting factor go. Just Choose to let it go. It is as simple as that. Say: “I -----Choose to let all that hinders me in my upward path, my attainment to the Will to Good, I choose to let it go in all life experiences, past, present, future, parallel and alternate. I am no longer a part of the old paradigm, I am only of the Light within that is the New Earth”. This new paradigm of the Nova Earth is your legacy, your Divine Right as I have been saying repeatedly throughout the recent months.

November 3rd will be the launch point into the gateway of your Divine New Earth. No more will you struggle, no more will you lack, no more will you need to fight through to the Right of what is, for in all things and in all places it shall be given unto you that there is Good, that there is Right, that there is Peace, that there is abundance. And from this you shall each build your new life. You shall find your joy and hold it in your own hands, your own destiny is at hand and in your ultimate control. God has decreed this from the beginning; and even now, it is unfolding before your very eyes. See it! Live it! Don’t hesitate. And do not be pulled away from this one pointed awareness of your Divinity and the New Earth paradigm. For it is only the last vestiges of the dark as they seek to fool you in to believing that things are not as they should be; it is only their last play before they disappear forever on this Earth.

Again, let me remind you of the importance of discernment. Be sure your thoughts are your own. Notice the odd stray thought that pops into your head and challenge it; do not let another direct or manipulate your thoughts or feelings. Ask protection and guidance from the Archangels and High Holy Ones. Stay in the upper heart; keep feelings of any kind in the heart above the heart. Direct your own thoughts into joy and happiness; do not allow depression or disillusionment to enter into your personal field of awareness. Work with the chakras and kundalini daily as you ask Heaven and the Realms of Light to increase your transformational experience. It shall happen. And indeed, it is happening to all, everyday in every way possible. No one can distract you from this Highest Truth unless you allow them to do so. So stay positive, in fact, stay High positive, and be well. Do all you do to the Highest good. This is the manifestation of the “Will to Good”, which is exactly what is occurring in your solar system, your galaxy, and your universe. There is a triangulation that will now occur between Archangel Raphael and the Eloha Lady Amazonia, as Mary (Raphael’s Divine Complement) sides with the human collective in this triangulation of Heavenly transformation. The solar eclipse will initiate the empowerment of healing and will to good as all the planet align in a perfect star tetrahedron around your sun. In fact, this is a mirror image of what is occurring in the Parent Universe, as Divine Will is made manifest.

Be not afraid of the coming of your elder brothers and sisters, the Star Nations of the multiverse that have come to celebrate with you your great transformation. And do not be deceived by those who tell you that this is an invasion, for all who serve God outside of your up-to-now quarantined planet are of the Light and are of the Brotherhood of Light and serve Directly the High Holy Ones of the Creator Most High. Everything in your limited reality is now to change for the Highest good, the Highest awareness of God realization. Be comforted in that everything moves in Divine Order. That you and your planet are blessed, carried on the wings of Love through time and space to a new place of truth and peace. There is no greater journey, no greater moment in the history of becoming that can replace this magnificent moment on Earth. Your sun, your planet, your kingdoms and your individuated God-Consciousness is at the fore! Rejoice, dear hearts and stay steadfast in faith, trust and love. I give you the blessing of Shamballa and the Realms of Light that we serve; I am he, Serapis Bey. God Bless you and God bless Mother Gaia.”

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18 October 2013 Message from Serapis Bey
Through the Messenger, Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

“Dear ones The time has come for all to take their stand in the Divine Order that has come forth to Earth. You can see this everywhere occurring now , can you not? You can see it in the United State Congress; you can see it in the United Nations efforts to bring a greater peace to those countries that have been on the brink of great violence; you can see it in the financial restructuring of your banking foundation; you can see it in the weather repatterning of Mother Gaia; and you can see it in your own individual re-evaluation of your life and how you choose to live it. This new paradigm is now. It is no longer on the verge of becoming, it is actually taking place right before your eyes. You are all collectively manifesting the new Divine Order of Earth. This is what we have been telling you for many many months now, that you would be creating your own 5D reality. Now you can begin to see it clearly. No longer are their further travails to transcend, especially for those of you who are awake and aware of what this transition to Higher Life actually means. Yes. Even those who are not so aware, have become awake. This is a good thing.

Now, what is important is your view of your life and your view of your spiritual awareness. How much to you acknowledge your own Divinity? How much do you perceive your own Divine Nature? If you are not perceiving yourself as Divine or full of Light and feel yourself awake, then you are not making enough effort. Effort is not such a difficult thing. It simply involves meditation. And most folks do not truly understand what a God-Given Gift meditation actually is. You know, many of you pray, make pleas to God for this or that or a better life or health for another. Yes. And this is always taken to the Realms of Light and Councils of Love that assist beings in their efforts in the lower worlds, but now, you are raising up. You are manifesting a Higher Light Awareness. And prayers are almost instantaneously resultant upon your earthplane. Yes. Think about it. You know you have a saying, “Be careful what you wish for, you may get it”. Well, my dears, I say to you, “Be aware of what you pray (ask God) for, as you will most definitely get it”. So do not present confusing messages in your prayer-thought, or what you call ‘mixed messages’. This is a time for clarity!! It is a time to know what your heart/mind and your very soul wish to do for God. For, make no mistake, dear ones, everything you do in life here upon the earth and elsewhere is for God, The Greater Reality. Once you come to realize this, your prayers and your meditations take on a whole new meaning.

And so, let me say a little something about meditation. This is the time where you can give yourself totally to God also known as the Greater Reality. Find that Still Small Voice within that is your True Self, your Divine Self; and receive direct contact. Now more than at any time in Humanity’s history there is an opportunity for Divine Awakenment. What your mystics and Masters call “at-one-ment”. This is so easily done in regular daily meditation. Not the traditional kind of meditation per se, but rather the Divine Awareness of your Higher Self that is inclusive of your life-experience not separate from it. Meditation is the gateway to your full consciousness. I cannot say it any clearer than that. Think on it. Hear what I am saying, feel it! Meditation is the gateway to your full consciousness.

Now, having talked to you about meditation and the changing times of Earth, let me now talk to you about prosperity and unity. Prosperity and unity like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Now, that is kind of a trick phrase, because I capitalized Eye and I did it for a reason. And for those of you who know me well, you know my humor is directly related to my most profound teachings. So the Eye here , of course, is the Divine Eye; that all-seeing, all-knowing portal gateway to Heaven and hence your Higher Self Awareness. Once you have activated that Divine Eye, that Higher Self, the I of the I-AM, then your prosperity is right at hand, as is the Unity you have been seeking for eons of time. This whole ascension process is no more, no less than a re-unification with your True Self, your Divine connection or God-Self with Godhead. Do you see. That is the link that was severed at the Fall, not only for humanity’s well being, but for the Spiritualization of all matter upon this lower dust world. You know, I have told you this before. But now, it is imperative to hear it. Life is what you make it. Divine life is no different than that. Be the Higher Self that you are NOW! Don’t wait. It’s never too late to actualize your Divinity. And in doing so you shall become Divine, right here, and right now. Your life on Earth and even off-planet will be as one unified consciousness that you share with the Godhead/Prime Source. This is what we of The Spiritual Hierarchy tell you. This is your Divine Destiny.

I am he, Serapis Bey, and I give you the Blessing of Shamballa and the Lord/Lady-Masters that govern your beautiful and ascending planet Earth.”

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9 September 2013 Message from Serapis Bey
Through the Messenger, Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

“Dear ones, you know that the time is growing very short now. That your world will be going through its final transformation within this cycle, that is of course, this year cycle. You will all be feeling and emoting very strong impulses to go in one direction or another. This is crucial for you to understand, as the Creator Most High has given it forth that world division is finalizing. Those Lightworkers who are true seers have been granted a vision of the Grand Divide, the final division of the Earthplain. And now that it is upon you, you must consider well what your course of action shall be. Are you going to live from soul? Are you going to live from your material gains? Are you going to be free or enslaved? Many things will pull you one way or the other. And as I have said time and time again, if you keep truly to your vertical spirituality, you will have no difficulty in this final division of the world and your choice to go with the Light, and hence with Gaia.
We have also told you that living from your “upper Heart” is imperative. Learning to transmute your emotions – either negative or positive – to a higher vibration is crucial. Watch the world around you. See that it is coming apart at the seams; but do not buy into it. See that where you are and where the majority reside, are not the same place. Lift your emotional body into your Lightbody. Find that Divinity within yourself, that Still Small Voice Within, and stay there. Climb the meditation tree and when you come to ground again, know that you bring all that you have ever been and ever shall be, with you into that now moment.

Be not afraid. This is a glorious time. A time of great freedom; great liberation, great enlightenment. See how many children are being born, eager to be in this world. See how many negative people are fleeing the planet, one way or the other. See how many countries are finalizing their karma, there compelling choice. Know that if you have been called to be here, born in this realm of transition at this time, this is the right place for you. This is where your soul will make its final decision. Know too that final means final, at least for the upliftment of this planet. Final does not mean oblivion or apocalypse, but it means a division of the earth as you have come to know it. The new Age, the Nova Earth Reality is upon you. How you learn to create your new reality is crucial: Do you have any idea what Nova Earth will be like? Do you know what you will do or how you will function? How can you prepare. These are all good questions. It is incumbent upon you to find a Teacher from the Higher Realms that is clear and True, and then it is incumbent upon you to stay with that Teaching so that you can truly find your Original Face Before God.
It is very hard to put into low-frequency words, but we see it here as a ‘choice’. This choice is either to “get your act together or not”; and although we do not frame it in those words, that is the clearest transmission that we can impart to our channel. So find yourself in whatever condition you are now, and make the change to the “Will to Good”.

Be not afraid, beloved ones, be glad, for this is a glorious time, a wondrous time, a time of Divine upliftment, transfiguration, and the passing of the old into the creation of the new. By December or January or there abouts you will know that all that has been told is coming forth. We do not feel at this time that the Father-Creator will change the Divine Plan yet again, but we do feel that you have a big effect on the outcome of the Human Collective. So stay in the Light, keep from low periods of depression or doubt; trust that the Divine Plan is going forth exactly as it should; and bring all of your focus into the anchoring and nourishing of your I-AM Presence. And – if you don’t know what that means – find out. I give you my blessing from Luxor. Go with God, and go forth into the Light. I am he, Serapis Bey.”

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21st June 2013
Solstice Message from Serapis Bey:
Joy is the Gateway to Upliftment

Through the Messenger, Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

“Greetings, dear ones. I am he Serapis Bey. I come to you today to tell you of the great Joy in Heaven over the achievements of the Earth. Not only the Earth as Mother Gaia, but also the dear ones of Light who live upon the surface. You are all making tremendous headway in the acquisition of Light frequencies within your personal fields and within the Earthplane. Mother Gaia is pleased. We in the Spiritual Hierarchy are also pleased. We had no true idea that so much could be done by humanity in such a short period of time. So keep on, keep on. Don’t drop the ball at this late stage. You are almost there!

Now. This is a very important weekend, dear ones. This Solstice is your portal gateway to your fifth dimension. It is incumbent upon you to stay focused, to stay in the Divine Flow. Going to ceremonies of Light, gatherings of worship for this transitional time, or even being home with friends and family and being conscious of the tremendous transformation that is taking place, is good. Don’t just go to one ceremony and think you are done, no, no. Keep on right on through the entire upliftment period!  The more you go inward and perceive the Light you are, the more you will achieve it.

We wish you to know that you are the ones activating this new reality. Heaven is helping, yes. But your desire to be one with All That Is, is what is making this occur on your planet, in your solar system and in your region of the galaxy. I have told you for a long time now, that what you think is what you become. This has never been truer. Stay focused, let the past reside in the past, move forward, demonstrate forward thinking and Love. If you can do nothing else this weekend: LOVE! It is the saving Grace.

Now that the Earth is being enveloped in this radiance from Mother-Creator One, you will all feel more love in your lives and in your societies. You will feel a peace like nothing you have ever experienced before. But make no mistake, you must choose it, you must realize it is available to you and then simply decide that you can become it. Don’t just ‘want’ it, but become it, be the Light, don’t just ‘want’ to be the Light.

You have a tremendous power now to be who and what you are and have always been from beginningless beginning. Time is no longer a problem, money is soon to be no longer a problem, lifestyles will be free of problems, joy will be the means for all life to live abundantly, joyously and lovingly. Perceive one another as Beings of Light, recognize joy in others when you see it, and do what you can to help those dear souls still struggling to be awake. Know that all you do is seen and heard by God, that all is in the Book of Life and that now is the time for your upliftment into Joy and life ever-lasting. There is no trick here. There just is isness. There just is God and All That Is! Be joyous, be happy and, for Heaven’s sake, be the Light you are. I am he, Serapis Bey and I give you blessings from on High”.

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16 June 2013
Message from Master Serapis Bey:
Divine Blueprint

Through the Messenger, Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

“Good evening. I am he who is Serapis Bey. Welcome to our 19th teleconference. Welcome to the new people, and we hope that you enjoy the conference tonight.

We want to start out by giving you a progress report about what is going on in your region of the universe. You are going through a corridor. It is akin to a black hole, but don’t worry about that part of it. What is happening is the earth is traveling through this beautiful time-space corridor which will, when it is completed, have you on the other side, and on the other side will be 5D reality. Many of you are experiencing 5D, high 4D for sure and 5D. As we move forward, there are many pockets upon the earth of 5D consciousness. Santa Fe is one of them. All the cities of light that are invested upon the earth are in place and there are pockets of fifth-dimensional energy coming down there. Some of the cities of light will be sixth and seventh-dimensional frequencies, depending on who will be residing in those places.

This is a time when you are receiving a good deal of divine energy, encodings of light, right into your consciousness, into your physical brain, into the areas of your consciousness and physical brain that are awakening as crystalline energy receivers, do you see? If you have been doing your meditation every day, which is key to receiving this kind of download—angelic or cosmic or from the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light or directly from the Kolab, depending on where your consciousness awareness resides, if you are aware of this and you do meditation, you are receiving. If your ears are ringing, you are receiving. If your third eye feels as if there’s pressure on it or in your forehead, you are receiving, you are tuned in, and this is exactly right. The important thing here, the crucial thing is that this week, from the 15th of June to the 21st 22nd of June is the crux of the matter. You are going to have such tremendously powerful downloads from Heaven, because as the solstice comes in place, 21, 22, 23 of June, this final stage is occurring.

Now, don’t go off and do what you did on the 12th and 21st of December and expect lightning to happen and you’re all in the 5D. That’s not the way God works. It is happening, we assure you, and nothing, absolutely nothing can stop it, not even the dark ones, who are again activating the HARP and trying to affect weather and individuals and corporations of light and so forth. They cannot do it. They can try their best, but it is not going to succeed. We have once shut them down; we’re going to shut them down again, so do not be concerned about that. Put up your White Light protection as a matter of course, especially for this week, so that you are in your own radiance. That’s the important part. It’s just not to keep the dark out, it’s to keep your light functioning at its maximum.

So this week is a very crucial time. Every day will be stronger. Every day will be more light. Every day, you will have a window of opportunity, especially if you meditate in the morning, to tune up. You know, you take care of your automobiles, right? Well what about your divine vehicle? Doesn’t it also need a little bit of care? TLC do you call it? We call it DLC, divine love in the Christ. So that is what is happening this week. Now, for those of you who want to join us for a ceremony of light, next week you can do that, and AliceAnn will be sending out emails.

Now, what I’d like to talk about tonight is your divine blueprint—what it is, what you do with it and what is going to be occurring as you do with it once you understand that you have it. The divine blueprint is your basic form, not necessarily your physical dense body. That’s only the outward manifestation of your blueprint. Your blueprint resides as a program within the Adam seed. Now you all know where the heart seed is. That’s between your breasts at the point of the breastbone. That is the thymus gland. That is the heart seed, and that heart chakra needs to be open, active and functioning, and we have talked about bringing the I-Am consciousness into that area and then helping it reside in the upper heart. In the last few teleconferences, we have been talking about how to live from the upper heart, the heart above the heart, the heart of compassion, the heart of joy. Now we are going to talk about how to activate, anchor and actualize the Adam seed. The Adam seed, the place where your blueprint is, is at the top of your forehead at your hairline in the middle of your forehead. You see a little bump there? Everybody is familiar with that little bone that protrudes out just a little bit? Everybody can find that? Inside of that little bone is the blueprint for your existence as an Adam or Eve Kadmen form. That is the shape you are in divinity. So whether you have this body or another body in another reincarnation, or whether you move into your light body, the blueprint is basically the same. Now the interesting thing about this particular blueprint is if you’re not completely happy with your physical body as it is—too short, too fat, too thin, too big, too whatever—you can change that in the light body form. The Adam-Eve Kadmen is the basic formula for head, arms, trunk, legs, but nothing more. How you choose to manifest for female or male in the higher light is up to you. Most of us are androgynous. We either take a male appearance or a female appearance, but the divine within is divine feminine and the divine masculine merged into one unity consciousness, do you see?

So, how do we get in touch with the Adam seed? Well, first of all, you have to be aware it’s there, is that not right? And then, you have to be aware of your third eye and its activation. So, in this teleconference, we’re going to do an exercise in a little while to work on the Adam seed activation.

Now, when you are learning these new things, when you are beginning to feel your chakras—root, generative, solar, heart, throat, third eye and crown—and your soul star, two and a half feet above you and your earth star two and a half feet below you and your sun star, which resides in the etheric body, in the spiritual body, but somewhere between the navel chakra, which we don’t usually talk too much about and the solar plexus—when you begin to utilize these chakras, everything that you do helps you prepare for the next thing that you do. So toning your chakras leads to bringing the Christ Light in your chakras to communicating with your chakras to expanding the many dimensions of your chakras to activating, anchoring and actualizing the fifty or a hundred or so forth subchakras you have. So everything leads to everything else. Not everybody on this call who is advanced has done all those things, but you are all aware of it. When you do that, you begin working with your Kundalini, and that divine fire rises in you and you merge with your column of light, your silver cord of life, your golden cord of consciousness and so forth and your antahkarana or your rainbow bridge, which you build. Everything else is given down from Heaven, the gold and the silver and so forth, but you build your rainbow bridge from your own awareness, your chakra system, your Kundalini, your consciousness, your crown, your desire to connect with God, your triangulation from your sacred area above your crown, which is called the Ka, to the Great Great Central Sun, to the Throne of Heaven , to the Mind and Cosmic Heart of Mother-Father Creator, do you see? And that you do in meditation, through your love. You open your heart and you anchor that with your third eye. You bring those both up to your soul star, two and a half feet above your crown, and then you bring that divine energy straight up to the monadic star, which is your overself, and that is 24 feet above you, and then that goes straight to Heaven. So that’s a little fast for you who are newcomers and a little too much old information for you older conference people, but I want everybody on the same page before you start asking questions.

I, Serapis Bey, bless you all in the name of the Great Spirit, the Father-Mother One and the Christed One. I bless you too in the name of your own monadic awareness. Know it. Love it. Live it. I am he, Serapis Bey.”

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2 June  2013 Message from Master Serapis Bey: June Transition to Love
Through the Messenger, Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

My dear ones of Light, I am he, Serapis Bey. Greetings. This is June. Finally! You are just around the corner from another wonderful and magnificent Universal shift. Yes, I said ‘Universal’. This means that at the conjunction of the Great Great Central Sun, Mercury, Venus and Earth, as it began at Wesak Full Moon, you will be propelled into the final stages of upliftment for humanity. This does not mean that those who are not aware or awake will be stranded. No. Not at all. It means that the forerunners of Ascension will have the opportunity to uplift in soul and in physicality if they do so wish. This also means that another major corridor shift has been achieved in the Divine Plan and that the Mother Creator and the Father, are ramping up the ascension energies for all multiverses. We feel that it is time for you to anchor in as it were, right into your heart, your heart desire, your truth and your wisdom.

Recently we have seen that there is a fair number of Lightworkers who are dancing around the issue of enlightenment. And how can this be? Especially at this late date. Well, it is because the world itself is in utter chaos. Kind of “this way” “that way” energetic. One day everything is smooth and working Divinely; the next, “what happened to my consciousness?” kind of thing. This is typical of transformative energies. We ask you to hold fast to your inner I-AM Presence. Nourish it, and yes: meditate daily. You will find that when you take that time to meditate, go within to your deepest self, you will enter into an easier flow, Divine Flow that is. We see that so many Lightworkers are coming to the end of their rope so to speak. This means there is even a bigger and better push to evolvement. Upliftment as we have said repeatedly is a one-person-at-a-time process.

The Energies of Earth are also advancing at an accelerated rate. Change is everywhere on your planet: geopolitical, geophysical, geofinancial, and yes, georeligious. Everything is in flux, but the Good News is that everything is coalescing into an amalgamation of Universal Change. This means that you are realizing the inevitability of Ascension, the ability to, not only perceive it in your near future, but the capability to manifest it within your very being at this moment. This kind of inner upliftment, is a sustaining perceptual shift; one that will concretize in your consciousness. This will raise you at least a half an octave, if not further, but you will begin to ‘think’ in slightly different ways. What we mean here is that you will reframe or re-choose how you think or say something; every time you do this you make a quantum leap forward. If you had the tendency to be slightly judgmental, you will find that that is disappearing in your responses to people and things. If you had the tendency to be easily upset or aggravated over details, well, that too is dissipating. As you learn to ‘hold’ onto the inner perceptual shift, you are concretizing your Christ Consciousness Awareness. Well, somewhat, as everything in God’s Kingdom is more or less fluid. Still, you are holding on more and more to an inner reality that is not 3D or even 4D based. You are manifesting day by day, minute by minute your 5D reality, a mode of living that is free of all the lower forms of energy blocks, hindrances, fetters, obstacles and ego-formations. This is good work, dear ones, and we recognize world-wide that all of you are doing it. All of you are Becoming Godly. How wonderful! We are so impressed and we love and honor you for your efforting.

Now, let me say something about ‘patience’ and ‘delay’ regarding disclosure. You know from the many messages from other Lightworkers and channels around the globe that we the Hierarchy would like to externalize on Terra Nova. And we will. But we must adhere to God’s Divine Will. More than accepting God’s Timing, we here must adhere to God’s process. It is simply that we want as many of your dear fellowmen to evolve to a point where they can at least “see” the Light. Further to this, we see too that your planet is on the verge of peace. It doesn’t often look like that is the case planetside, but we assure you that from here, we can see that the inevitability of peace is assured. There is one or two more hurtles for you to jump, but they will occur. We just caution you not to be influenced by the Nightly News and the reports of alien invasions. Watch the movie Sirius and write to your friends about it. Find commensurate websites that foster Love and Light and Hope for the Future. Avoid things that do not nourish you, and help all those you can to understand the coming changes, the coming Light, the coming Love that will pervade all the Earth. It is such a joyous time. And that is the key! Joy! It is through Joy that you will uplift, not only your individuated God-Consciusnesses, but all life on your planet. Be loving, be forgiving, be happy and joyous. Do the things of life that give you joy and work through the lower frequencies with Trust in God and Faith in your Heart. These are simple things, pieces of advice that seem so obvious, but in this time of world-shift and oscillating Divine energetics, you need these little reminders. You are, after all, boots on the ground; you are the ones experiencing all these changes. We are overlighting you, helping you and the Earth make her transition to her Higher octave. Now it is your turn to turn round and help another. – I am he, and until next time, be well, be the Light you are, and be compassionate with one another and the world. God Bless you, I am he, who is Serapis Bey, Keeper of the Ascension Flame in the Brotherhood of Light.

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20 May 2013 Message from Master Serapis Bey, Wesak Energies Through the Messenger, Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

My dear ones of Light, I am he, Serapis Bey. I come tonight to speak to you of Divine Light Energies. I know that we in the Hierarchy often speak to you about the ‘incoming’ Energies, and it is true that it is difficult for you at your levels of shifting consciousness to distinguish one Energy upgrade from another. Still! It is tremendously important that you hear us. For your Earth, in all her glory and majesty, is making enormous headway in her anchoring of 5D. Further to this, the Energies that are now coming down through your galaxy and to your planet are filled with Divine God-Force Love. This means that the Father Creator has taken a very specific interest in the upliftment of this region of His/Her Kingdom. Divine God-Force Love Energy is very pure, very powerful, and very transforming. You will see that each day has a signature, a kind of message of forward movement within it.  What this means is that each day has keycodes from Heaven that assure a certain kind of upliftment, a certain frequency of change as it were that augments the full anchoring and full consciousness shift into the Greater Reality, the Absolute Reality of your next level of embodiment,  what you call 5D.

As you move through the sea of Divine Energies, you knowingly or unknowingly are manifesting a new consciousness, one that will be more in line with the new reality of Nova Earth. Day by day, energy shift by energy shift, you are ‘feeling’ a difference. The thing is though, to notice that you are feeling or experiencing something different; and then, hold on to that feeling. It is this ‘Awareness’ of change, this comprehension of “something more”, or “something different” that makes you and your transfiguration more evident day by day.

We understand that there is a lot of planetary confusion and shifting energetic fields among those who are either unawakened or choosing to remain asleep during this pre-Wesak Cosmic upgrade. You may see it in friends or family, but most assuredly there will be change on the horizon for them as well as for yourself. It is in the ‘choosing’ of the change, the ‘choosing’ of the shift energetic that will most assist you into ‘stepping’ right into those new frequencies of Divine Consciousness. It’s like opening a doorway in your Heart Chakra and then imagining yourself stepping into that doorway, then opening another doorway within the Heart Chakra that leads to even a deeper place within yourself, the I-AM of your Upper Heart; and then again, you can open yet a third doorway or portal gateway that leads from the I-AM of your upper Heart right into the Cosmic Heart of Mother-Father God. This is possible; this is a tried and true practice of the beings of Light in the Higher Realms. It is quite simple. Just imagine that you can do this, that you can ‘step right in’ into your Heart space. You already have that kind of saying on your planet: “Just step right up to the plate”. And that is very much what ‘stepping right in” to these inner plane realities is like. Just open, focus, and imagine the feeling of going inside, deeply. That is it. It is quite simple. And most effective too.

Now I have been speaking with the Grand Master of the White Lodge on Etheric Sirius. The Sirians tell us that the Divine God-Force Energies are streaming down in two ways, two overlapping layers as it were. One is the slower progression of God-Force Love Energy that is streaming on the light-waves of atomic or physical light; the other is a nearly instantaneous exposure to God-Force Love Energy. This more instant pulsation of God Love is something that everything and everyone in the multiverses is now experiencing. It overlaps the former, slightly slower method of Divine becoming, but it is like a holographic appearance of Creator Source, appearing all at once. This is within the Mind of God as a part of the Perfection; it neither reabsorbs creation nor manifests a new one, but it does result in tremendous instantaneous, what we might call time-shifts, or Cosmic adjustments – something like clicking in on a dial, first one click/shift, than another and so on and so forth until the desire shift manifestation his achieved. This too is simple, once one can grasp the scale and beauty of it. It’s as though God blinks and the rest of creation shifts. Got it?

So, what we in the Hierarchy are watching is how you Dear Ones of Light planetside are ‘holding’ and ‘maintaining’ your focus on these subtle but very powerful daily shifts. Are you going with the Flow? Are you in sync? Conversely, are you finding yourself out of phase, out of temper, out of patience? It is simple to fix if you are. Meditation! – I realize you believe that this is my only topic of interest. But I cannot impress upon you strongly enough how important it is at this time to go inward and experience your Divine Self. It makes the whole process of planetary and cosmic Ascension all that much easier on a one-on-one basis. Try to meditate early in the morning every day. Figure out what the Day energy Signature is, and then do what you can to flow with that incoming Divine Flow as best as you can. There will be days of “time to garden and do physical kinds of things” and then there will be other days of “This is a great day to file my applications, do business and complex mental things”; and then, there will be, of course, days of “Great day to go to the beach, mountains or walk in the forest; get out in nature and smell the roses” kind of day. You get to judge which kind of day is your kind of energy frequency; and what your energy signature is for that day may very well be different than your soul-mate’s signature is for that day or your child, or brother/sister. You cannot judge someone else’s path experience any more than you would have someone else judge or determine yours. God is Infinite in His/Her Manifestations and all that is can handle each and every experience in all Realms simultaneously if needs be. So relax and ease into the frequencies of change; the “winds of change” are upon you, upon the Earth and in your local Galaxy/Universe. Be less concerned with the Nightly News, and more concerned with the Good News of your own becoming. For it is in ‘choosing’ your own becoming that you already are become. Do you see how simple that is? Quite nice, do you not think so?!

So, my dear ones, I leave you with this thought: “How do I follow my Heart from within?” I am he, Serapis Bey, Master-Teacher of the Ascension Path and Keeper of the Ascension Flame.”

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29 April 2013 Message from Serapis Bey
Through Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek, Messenger

“Dear ones, I give you greetings. I am he, Serapis Bey. I have come tonight to speak to you further on the ascension energies coming from the Kolab. The Great Central Sun is sending volleys of Divine Light piggybacking on the rays of solar light. This means that the Earth is transforming at an alarming rate. It’s not harmful in any way, but it can often be overwhelming and, at the least, fatiguing. Many will experience emotional and mental shifts that will cause them difficulty in one way or other. But for Lightworkers, most will feel swings in their energy and awareness patterns. Some days will be wonderful, filled with tremendous insight and attunements from on High, while other days will be a definite struggle to get almost anything done that day. Still, through it all, you should not abandon your meditations. It is these meditations that keep you in alignment with source. It is through your daily meditation practice that you receive the nourishment and internal balance that you need to get through these end time pendulum swings. If you can stay with your morning meditation every day, you will find it so much easier to get through those difficult days, and, additionally, there will be days when you receive gifts from Heaven that will either Teach you something further on your own spiritual path or will tune you to a new level of consciousness awareness. Either way, it is something not to be missed.

Dear ones, when you find that your life is turning difficult; when you find that you can’t seem to get anything together and that everywhere you look things are falling apart around you, take a minute to reflect once again on the Reality of what is happening to the planet. Realize that you are indeed NOT alone in this. That millions upon millions of your brothers and sisters of Light are facing and ‘dealing’ with these very same issues. Keeping to your vertical spirituality, your Divine connection with Source, Heaven or the Realms of Light – this will help you more than anything else through this ascension process. And I would also like to remind you of a very important and basic fact, one that I have been reiterating over and over again, because it is so very important. And it is simply this: What you think, you manifest! Or: What you think, you are. – Both concepts apply here like never before. This is a time in the multiverses where thought and co-creation are conjoined; that is, they are inextricably linked. So what you are thinking isn’t the usual non-occurrence of your former 3D mind. Rather it is the manifestation of reality within the context of a 5D mind.

In the fifth Dimension you will be creating via the actuality of your thought. So it behooves you to train your thoughts now to be in line with Divine Mind. What do I mean by that? I mean, simply put, that you need to recognize when your thoughts are harmful to yourself or others, when they are straying into areas of non-Light or non-clarity. You also need to learn to recognize the power of thought. When you wish someone else ill, it returns to you manifold, that is, many times over. When you curse someone or even strongly dislike someone, you bring that into Your field. You are living in a new reality now. This new reality has a different set of rules or guidelines for functioning in a higher awareness. One is, what you think you manifest. Another is, what you do, think, or say, attracts. This means if you dislike a situation, person or event, it attracts, that is, it comes back to you, and it returns proportionally to how you sent it forth like a boomerang. The old saying “What goes around, comes around” has never been truer. So be mindful of what you put out there, dear hearts.

Another rule or guideline is “live by the golden rule”. This means what you do or think or say of others, is what others will do, say or think of you. This is a bit different than like attracts like, because it has to do with ‘intent’. For example, if you think, say or do harm to another, expect that intent will come again somehow to you. This is not something to be afraid of. But it is a natural Law of the Universe, so it is easily dealt with by virtue of “Living to your Highest Good”. In fact, the “will to Good” is one of the Divine precepts that all Ascendeds live by. So, conversely, if you intend good and choose to live your life from that standpoint, then the ‘will to good’ applies full force to you. So many people on your planet just now are being diverted by the Divine Energies, and so in their confusion they are at best lost, bereft, depressed or despondent, and at worst violently enraged. It’s not that your world isn’t safe any longer, because it is. We of the Spiritual Hierarchy are not about to let our beloved younger brothers and sisters find themselves in self-created hell realms. No. No. But you must be clear in mind and steadfast in heart. This is easy to do, especially if you meditate daily with a clear conscience with Love for god and all Life in your heart chakra. This is truly how you hold to your vertical spirituality, your connection with Source. If you can empty yourself of all negativity Every Single Day, then you are opening to your Divine mind; the mind you share with the Greater Divine Mind AKA God.

Yet another Divine guideline is to ‘judge not, lest you be judged’. I cannot stress to you enough the enormous sinkhole your fellowmen have put themselves into by virtue of casting judgments on others. Like the Golden Rule, this Law of the Universe tells you that Love is the abiding principle, the glue that holds everything together. Without Love there can be no Mercy, without Mercy there can be no forgiveness, and without forgiveness there can be no upward progress on the path of liberation. To Love is to be merciful, generous, giving, helpful, and peaceful. To manifest Love in the world, one needs to practice on a daily basis these principles. Again, these are: Forgive self and others, judge no one, hate no one. You may not like what someone does, but you do not need to take a strong emotional stand against them. To forgive is to be beloved of god. So many people on your planet are still guided by the out-dated Old Testament value of “An eye for an eye”. And who do you think perpetrated that one on humanity? It certainly wasn’t the One God of all Creation that we serve in Love and Light. So if you think that you yourself may have been in that perpetrator’s shoes, that you yourself may have in some life existence done those very same bad things, is it not reasonable to forgive and let Divine justice resolve the issue? Divine justice by the way, doesn’t need humanity’s help. The Universe I.E. God, is self correcting. There is always balance. And once you understand this Divine principle you will understand that God is a loving god, a forgiving God, a just God and, above all, an All-Knowing God. Nothing that ever has happened, will happen or now happens is a surprise to Father Creator, everything is in Divine Order. This is not predestination, a concept religionists like to argue, but rather it is the simple balance books of action/reaction, cause/effect, yin/yang. The scales of God’s justice are benevolent and loving, all-seeing and forgiving. And so should Ye be, dear hearts.
Another wonderful guideline for living in 5D is: be humble as well as loving. When one puts aside pride, the false nature of ego, then one can enter into an entirely new Realm of conscious awareness. Humility is not weak, nor is it temporary. Humility is a great strength, because it is an inner holding to one’s God-Self. Yes! I say it so. Humility is a strength that only the Godly know. It’s not a Bible Belting phrase; it’s a Divine reality. To be humble is to be open, to be open is to be knowing, to be knowing is to be self-realized; and, of course, to be self-realized is to be an unascended Ascended Master. – Surprising is it not? But it takes effort, dear ones. God isn’t handing out free tickets to the front row seats without a little bit of active Divine Intelligence. How you foster your Christ Consciousness Awareness, that is, how you grow in Divine Light Awareness, brings you fully into the radiance of Divine Mind AKA God. There is a link up, as it were, a personal tether from your crown to the Mind and Heart of Source. This is cultivating the Antakarana or Rainbow Bridge of Light. And all of you should and can do it every day. This too is a function of humility. To be in Mind with God, you share this tether consciousness, you quite literally become the Mind of God. This is learning to live from the Higher Triad, the very essence of the Monadic or Higher Consciousness. So, let go and let God. This means, put aside 3D things of a child race, and grasp the 5D things of an adult Divine Mind. It is Always Your choice.

I give you my blessings and the Grace of our Creator. I am he, Serapis Bey”.

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3 April 2013 Message from Serapis Bey
Through the Messenger Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

Dear ones of Light, I greet you. I am he, Serapis Bey of the Spiritual Hierarchy. I come to you today to talk more about the importance of anchoring your I-AM Presence, opening your heart chakra and learning to see with your third-eye. It is tremendously important for you to experience a perceptual shift in consciousness. This is in effect, your I-AM Presence taking root in your very beings.

So many things in your 3D world are, not only changing, but evaporating. By this I mean, those things that you have always come to rely on as true and right are rapidly disappearing from reality. It is no longer a matter of ‘will I, won’t I”, it is now a matter of “How will I?” You have been receiving from Heaven for a very long time now Divine Light, which is far more powerful and extended than your solar light frequencies. The Spiritual Hierarchy is delighted that so many Lightworkers have accepted into their being the Divine Light, which is the motivating force of God’s Universe, or rather God’s multiverses. As you increase your frequencies, your very band width, you are learning to accept your Christ Consciousness, and you are presently learning to do this at an accelerated, and I might say, pure rate. You will far exceed that which you understood to be Christ Consciousness Awareness in the Atlantian and Lemurian times; you will become fully Christed beings, full citizens of the Galactic Nations of Light. It is no more and no less than you have been reading everywhere on the Internet. But let me say this: You must take your own ascension process seriously. Don’t wait. Don’t think that it is not for you or that you are somehow not worthy. You are worthy if you think your are worthy. You are Divine if you think you are Divine. There is no doubt in my mind that the Children of the One, that whom you call Source or Creator, is aware of you, aware too of each and Every thought you have. Keep your thoughts, not only focused on your goal of ascension, but keep them as pure as you possibly can. In this way you present no obstacles in your pathway home. You become your thought. You become your pure intention.

This March, the Vernal Equinox was the second of the most powerful portal gateway openings onto your part of the galaxy, your beloved Earth included. This astrological alignment and the direct God-force energies that have come forth from the Great Great Central Sun has assisted humanity, as well as the entire sector of your galaxy and, it goes without saying, the multiverse, into yet another frequential level of awareness, an awareness you might call “Love Awareness”. But it was also an opportunity for you to grow your garden of Intentions. That which you set before the 22nd of March are already germinating, manifesting into your outer reality.

This kind of mergence with Heaven, the Divine Light of Sirius, which is the gateway to the Kingdom as you would know it, is exactly what you must take hold of in your own being. It is this ‘allowing’ of these energies that will assist you to do the anchoring of the I-AM, the opening of the Heart chakra and the complete emersion into I-AM Consciousness now and forever. It too will assist you in the gifts of your true nature, that which you have lost since the High days of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Now the gifts are manifesting. You can feel them within each day more and more as you grow in the true Light of your Godhood. It is not wrong to think of yourself as Divine. For you cannot be other than Divine. You are a part of “All that is” and “All that Is” is a part of you. That means you are God as God is you; perhaps not the Godhead, Father Creator – Mother Creator, but you are nonetheless part of the all and all. Love is the key, forgiveness is the path, and intention the way.

Finally, I want to talk a little bit about earth changes. There is no more time for the dark ones to prevaricate. There ticket has expired. No longer will there be the polarities allowed to exist on planet Earth. Yes, you can still see areas of great despair, people who cannot forgive but choose to live in the old 3D way of “an eye for an eye”. This kind of vengeance is not true justice. It is only a part of the delusion that you call ‘reality’. The true reality is not of your made-up world, where you have collectively chosen this or that construct. These are only detours, distractions from the Absolute or Greater Reality. Yes, you have co-created your world. And indeed you have created many wonderful things, but you have not nourished the soul and its parts. You have not always listened to that inner small still voice within. You have forgotten that forgiveness is for you as well as for others. You have, as a race, forgotten your connection with Creator. But this massive delusion is rapidly coming to an end. Those who cannot understand or are not yet ready to ascend into the Greater Reality, they have already made their choice. And they will take the longer road, even though the doorway is open wide for them to enter in. Those, on the other hand, who have made their choice to become more than an indentured human being, more than a slave to 3D domination, have already taken the path to liberation. Now the only thing that remains is the training. How will You do this? How will you advance yourself? Will you meditate, staring at your navel? Ha-ha! Or, will you find those higher Teachings that will assist you? Will you seek your guides and Master-Teachers to further you upon your journey to the Light? Or, again, will you rely on the Internet and here say to advance you? Think carefully, dear ones, for what you choose is what you will receive. God is very generous. And although, yes, the Teachers will come, you must do your part.

The vibration of the planet must be sufficiently high enough that we can indeed externalize.

For example, you have recently all become excited about Pope Francis, and that is a good thing. We had some grave concerns for a while, because the dark has such a great hold on the Vatican. But, now that Master Kuthumi in the frequency of Saint Francis of Assisi has overlighted Pope Francis and he has acknowledged his presence, there shall be great changes throughout the Catholic world. We rejoice in this good news. For as the Master Yeshua taught, all can do these things and more. But it is only with a pure heart and a open connection with Creator that the world can go forth.

Make no mistake, the Universe is a God Universe and we all here acknowledge it. Only the dark ones in their pockets of resistance and who thrive on fear throughout the galaxies, do not accept what they know truly exists, namely the Presence of the Supreme Mind, Source. Governments will shift and there will be financial shifts too as the true NESARA will go forward. But be warned. When the banking system collapses it will take a few days before you can again access your accounts and your funds. So keep a good amount of funds handy and at least two weeks of food ready while the financial systems of the world adjust. It’s a matter of just a few months before these changes are recognized as actually taking place.

Now let me get back to my main point. If this is your path, your choice to ascend at this time, know that several things are going to occur for those who are fully awake. First, the I-AM Presence will make itself known to you more and more, next you will feel the internal or perceptual shift as heart and pineal chakras open and increase. Next the world will seem like it is tilting at an enormous angle as financial and governmental systems take a new stance. You already are seeing more and more disclosures of wrong doing, and soon all those who participate in such will simply no longer rule the world. People of good faith and good conscious will be called forth and they will assist all the rest of the world in its true and proper direction. Next, the Masters will come. And, we will come to Teach. We will work with our chelas to help people understand more of the true nature of God and Love. Further there will be transmissions, Teachings and extended messages that will help Earth and humanity come into the fold of the Star Nations of Light. You will learn what true freedom without suppression, depression or regression truly is. You will find that happiness and joy are an integral part of your daily life. You will be freed from financial burdens and insoluble situations. And, you will bring balance and harmony into your being, into your life. But these things are not going to be dropped on you like manna from Heaven. The true Manna from Heaven is found from within. The more you do to prepare yourself for what it is you truly want/desire, the more Heaven will assist.

So, trust in President Obama, for he has been sent of the Light to lead the world into the New Age. Do not make judgments on others, either on the news or in your own life. Love and forgive every day. Make yourself available to your inner God-Self. Take time to be in nature and walk in the heart. Find time to give to others and to Serve the Higher Good. Release all the ills of the physical-emotional body. And learn to think with your heart not your head. These are the tools that will help you the most.

Be in Love with all that is. And be the Light that you are. If you ‘feel’ it, you ‘are’ it. It is simple, is it not. Until next time, I am he, who is Serapis Bey, Ray-Master and Star Master within the Spiritual Hierarchy. God Bless you, dear ones, I wish you Joy!

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1st March 2013 Message from Serapis Bey Through the Messenger Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

Greetings, Dear Ones of Light, I am he, Serapis Bey. I come to you today to speak to you once again of Intention and attention; It is more important now than ever before. You are about to enter into a tremendously powerful vortexial shift. As the Spring Equinox approaches, another transformative, Gateway vortex of Divine Light, known as Cambrean Light will be wafting through your quadrant of your Galaxy. This is coupled with the speeding up of time as you have known it. Your life and all life on planet Earth, will be experiencing new accelerations in time and space continuum. This means, that you are likely to experience new states of higher consciousness; sometimes through your intent as in meditation; sometimes through accident as when you have unknowingly reached a stage of awareness that automatically propels you into an altered state of Consciousness. Never fear. Either way, you are beginning to experience Divine Christ Consciousness Awareness, your inheritance, your legacy from long ago.

For those of you who are actively pursuing higher states of consciousness in your progress towards self-transformation, you will find yourself able to reach even greater heights of awareness. If you are steadfast in your meditative pursuits, and you ask for guidance where and when appropriate from your Teachers from on High, you will do well. Some of you need to be warned not to accede that which you may achieve. Remember everything in Heaven is given unto you in a carefully modulated manner. Thus, you know the phrase, “You are never given more than you can handle”. And this is quite true. However, some of you, who are very enthusiastic, may find yourself overextending your blossoming awareness, and this will only cause you extremes in fatigue, hunger and need for increased time-outs. And this is okay to some extent. It is far better, though, to proceed gradually in your advancement into the Higher Realms of Christ Consciousness. This means to follow a self-prescribed regimen of 1) deep engaging daily meditation, 2) sensible sleep and work patterns, 3) regular adventures into nature, and 4) active engagement with the Luminaries that are here now to assist you in your upliftment.

Also, it has come to my attention that some of you are afraid of the term “surrender”, as if you would be giving something inviolate up to some unknown. This is not the case my dear ones. If you choose to become One with God, you must find a time a place where you are ready to relinquish everything you are to God, and here I do not speak of the local Deities that govern Earth or the Solar System or even your local Universe, but I speak directly of Mother-Father One, the One True God of Creation. Once you make your decision to surrender to the Supreme Presence, you gain a freedom and a bond of Love that surpasses everything else you have known. It is true freedom. However, having said this, never, and I say again Never surrender to another human entity, guru or even Ascended. Go within, find your sacred chamber, the one you share with your Creator, and make your supplication as You feel it is appropriate. This is the Highest Teaching anyone can impart to you. So make good, God choices and be the Light of Heaven that you are!

Now, let me say something about your transcending planet in general. Do not become discouraged with how the world is slowly advancing. It is sufficient that it is advancing in a positive and upward manner. Remember we all are working within “God’s time” and everything that will be is already in place in Creator’s Divine Plan. It is time too for you to complete the cleansing and clearing of your own individual life-pattern. By this I mean that you will be given the opportunity to confront those things in your current life experience that have confronted you previously as much graver issues than they currently pose. But, make no mistake, these issues and looming remnants of consciousness must be cleared. Most false beliefs and errors in thought have been now well imbedded in your cellular structure. Yet, there are methods of releasement and purification through devotion, meditative intention, and assistance from your guides that will help you complete your Earth mission.

The cycle of duality has finished, but, as in all transformations, there are remnants that still need to be addressed. These remnants are both personal and global. Your world as you knew it is changing, and it is becoming a platform for your co-creation with the Galactics to prepare your world for a new psychological and spiritual environment. NASARA will occur, Governments will shift to a more positive, governance; people will become more loving and more generous in nature; and you yourself as a forerunner of Earth’s enlightened age, will experience even greater heights of awareness. But it takes diligence and discipline, love and faith, trust and patience. The virtues are once again returning to the Human race, and they will be far greater in their affect than they were in Atlantis and Lemurya. You have Heaven on your side now, and the Luminaries of the Higher worlds, who are pledged to assist when and where asked.

We in the Spiritual Hierarchy are well pleased with our Human brethren, and know full well that your time of trial is nearly passed. So take heart, be well. See the Light and become the Light. This is Your heritage, your Divine Right, Your destiny. I am he, Serapis Bey and I give you my Blessing and my Love. Amen.


2 February 2013 Message from Serapis Bey
Through the Messenger, Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

Greetings, Dear Ones of Light. I am he, who is Serapis Bey and I have a very important message for you this month. The world is in a very precarious place just now. It is precarious because these 2013 Energies are very very new to the world, and the 12/21 despondency that was experienced world-wide from many Lightworkers is still being felt, the reprocussions are winding their way throughout humanity’s energetic field.

What is important to do, my dear ones, is to take refuge in Light. What is important to do is to become free of all your lower energies. If you are dealing with the ego, work on it. If you are dealing with difficult situations in your life or in the work place, deal with it. Find the way that gives your heart Love, freedom, and joy. Do not allow yourself to sink down into the doldrums. Do not allow yourself not to take pleasure in your Life and the streaming energies that are coming your way. Allow it! Allow the Light of Heaven to come in, in every moment in every day.

Whenever you feel that joy, recognize it. Whenever you feel the Light around you – a wave of energy that is coming at you – allow it in. Open your Heart Chakra, open your Crown Chakra, and just allow it, feel it, be it; rejoice in it. Do not be afraid. You might think that you are becoming ill, but you are not becoming ill. Do not ‘react’ to the lower energies of the mind; rather, receive the Joy and Light of Heaven. Say: “I choose and I receive the Light of Heaven to come within me; I choose my I-AM consciousness to come right down into my heart chakra and take residency there; and I choose to become familiar with my I-AM Self.

The last week of January and the four weeks in February are a respite so that you can begin to inculcate, integrate, and accumulate the energies that have come to Earth since November 28th, December 12th, December 21st, and January 1st to the 15th – very very powerful astrological alignments, a very powerful energetic shift. Indeed, it has been the “Shift of the Ages”.

Now, my dear ones, in March and April there will be a whole new wave of energetic portals coming forth into the world. You can imagine it as if you were in a beautiful clear still-water  pond and a beautiful crystal round stone were to be dropped in the middle of that clear still-water pond; and, all of the ripples go out from that small central sun stone and each one will impact you, again and again; each ripple stronger than the last, giving you that Divine Energy from the Galactic Great Great Central Sun right into your won Solar-Sun Disk within your I-AM Presence.

So the more that you do now to rest and to prepare,  the easier, the more at ease you will be with these incoming March-April frequencies that the Earth must go through to become fully anchored in the Fifth. And when we say “the Earth”, we actually mean Humanity becoming more anchored in the Fifth.

Make no mistake, my Dear Ones, this is truly happening. It is happening to each and every human being on the planet, each animal/plant, and each and every mineral; all the elementals and divas, -- everything is affected. It is now a time to receive and accept, to allow and rejoice; to let go and let god. With Great Love to you my dear ones from the Spiritual Hierarchy, I am he, Serapis Bey, Keeper of the Ascension Flame and Master-Teacher. God Bless you.

©OakRose Academy of Light February, 2013

7 January 2013 Message from Serapis Bey
Through the Messenger, Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

I am he, who is Serapis Bey. I want to address something that is very important, regarding the ascension process. I have taught you all, time and time again, that the ascension process is that it ‘is’ a process. All lightworkers who have committed from their inner heart to the Divine Plan know that it is a process; and, each lightworker’s guides guide those lightworkers, those channels. For those lightworkers who depend on this or that public arena, they may or may not come away with the truth. The truth must be found within one’s Self. Ascension occurs ‘one person’ at a time. The shift, however, has already occurred. The shift from 3rd dimension to the platform of the 5th dimension is in place; and is accelerating.

Many lightworkers, including this channel, have made a plea, a heart-felt plea, to Mother-Father One that humanity ascends as a whole Avatar Consciousness. Because that is what we have taught you, -- we of the Spiritual Hierarchy, we Guides, we Angelics. We have taught you not to discriminate one against another. We have told you that we support you, that we hear your requests. How else could it be? How else could a loving God respond but in the affirmative? Humanity almost divided itself; humanity may divide itself. But the collective heart of the human race is under the auspices of the Manu, Allah Gobi. And it is his mission to work with those lightworkers who wish to make the collective human race from the Fifth Root Race to the next Root Race, the Sixth. Now there are many channels who are not on the Internet and who do not make public broadcasts, who already knew that this ascension process would be a ‘gradual shift’ and a one-on-one ascension process. Give it a little time, my dear hearts, at least to the middle of January to see how the earthplane and Mother Gaia settle. We are here with you, and we are here in force. It is just not ‘one’ planet Earth that is ascending, it is your entire Solar System, Galaxy, and Inter-Galactic assemblage – the whole Universe is lifting. How it occurs for various others in the Star nations is a little different than it occurs for you; that is true. For you are one of the dust worlds, the surface dweller planets, and this means that you must come out of duality. Part of coming out of duality my dear, is having the ‘heart’ to come out of duality, to anchor your ascension, anchor your shift, anchor the I-Am Presence within yourself. That is the truth of it. That is the truth of it.

So take heart, be at peace, be one with God. Be one with the Trinity, Mother-Father One. Be one with your Higher Self. That’s the important part of ascension. Find your truth within yourself, and then ‘build’ the 5th dimension. Build it, make it so. And we will do our part. We are doing our part. And we are also following the decrees of Mother-Father One. So do not become discouraged or despondent. I ask you from my heart to your heart, do not drop the ball! Be as joyful, enthusiastic, blissful as you possibly can be, as you ever were. Don’t fixate on a date! Don’t nail Heaven down, rather become a Carpenter yourself and help Heaven build your reality here and now. Stop thinking that you are in a relative reality and there is going to be a Savior. You ‘are’ the Savior, you ‘are’ the Christ Consciousness. You are the builders of the New Earth.

So, what have I said? I have said, the Shift has happened, realize it. I’ve said, ascension occurs one-on-one. I’ve said, go within and anchor your own I-Am Presence, your own ascension. I’ve said, look at the Absolute Reality and not the relative. I’ve said, don’t get fixated on dates, but rather manifest your New Earth, your reality. And I have said, be in Peace, Joy, Bliss and do not drop the ball. For we love you, we are with you, and we follow the decrees of Mother-Father One, as you must, as you shall learn to do. This is the time of the Law of the One; this is the time of remembering who and what you were before God and who and what you are now before God. It is the same, there is no difference. So take heart! Take heart. I am he, Serapis Bey, Keeper of the Ascension Flame, Teacher of the Path of Discipline and Joy. God be with you.